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The Premier League has just secured a three-year deal ending in a £ 5.136m local campaign. The output price of this method will be approximately 70% higher than the previous £ 3,018m agreement.

In this new opportunity, Sky epl중계  5 received £ 4,130m worth of packages and 126 live games, while BT Sports 2 received 42 more games worth £ 960m. The rules state that the network can purchase up to 5 live streaming packages. In addition to this figure, other payments are made by the BBC (£ 204m) to and from other networks, valued at almost £ 5.5bn. league

In the 2015–2016 season, the Spanish League decided to radically change the way movement rights were governed, in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Order governing each league. Prior to this, each club had negotiated and secured additional funding for the League.

In the first season of the model

The national rights were transferred to Telephonic in the amount of € 614,711 million. Overseas revenue increased from 236 to 622,422 million euros. From international contracts, € 93.105 million was deducted from the sales commission given to Mediocre.

From 2016–2017, the League had € 2.65 billion available through local contracts and € 1.5 to € 1.8 billion internationally to be distributed over the next 3 years. The Spanish Federal Government (RFEF) will receive 2% of this amount; The Professional Football League (LFP) is at 1%, teams are down 3.5% and 1.5% is awarded to high-performing athletes and non-professional footballers. The remaining 92% is further divided into 90% for clubs in the first division and 10% for clubs in the second division of the Bundesliga.

Expected for the 2017-2018 season.

The German league has introduced new rules that allow live broadcasting rights to be given to more networks, rather than exclusive rights to just one of them, as Sky Deutschland currently has. With this agreement, revenues from this concept will increase significantly.

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