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Popular Ways of Using Cannabis

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Research studies on cannabis show that cannabis is highly beneficial to consumers. Many people consume it for the medical benefit or recreational purposes. This has led to increased consumption of cannabis and its product. Most regions now have legal backing for cannabis consumption, thereby increasing the economic value of the cannabis industry.

This explosive use of cannabis has led to the development of different products of cannabis for consumers to choose from. The flower is harvested, dried, and cured before it is sold publicly.

Consumers can decide if the product should be in the more traditional flower form, vaping pen, oil, drink, or cream. There are ways of consuming cannabis that is quite popular with consumers, and each consumer has a unique tolerance level as doses are not regulated.

The potency of the cannabis flower depends largely on the THC level in proportion to the flower. The value of CBD concentrates online in Ontario can be used to determine the type to buy. Environment and personal preferences can determine the method of consumption a consumer opts for in consuming their cannabis. Each method has pros and cons, and they are discussed below. They include:


This is one of the ways of consuming cannabis, and it is largely thought to be safer and healthier than smoking, so it is popular among young people consuming cannabis. However, bad vaporizers contain additives like vitamin E oil and synthetic cannabinoids. Consumers can buy cannabis flowers online for vaping in their vaporizers as not all vaporizers are deemed fit.


  • Efficient use of cannabis

  • Produce little to no smoke and odor, making it more discreet than smoking

  • The dosage is controlled, although determining the precise dosage is still difficult

  • Vaping pen uses cannabis judiciously as little cannabis is used to get desired the effect

Dab Rigs

They are designed to consume cannabis extract like rosin, shatter, wax, etc. It prevents the loss of potency of cannabis consumed. They are smaller and more complex than bongs, requiring the heating of a metal plate using a torch.


  • They are useful for alleviating and relieving pain and nausea

  • They are tasteful and very clean

  • They produce less burning soot, unlike flowers

  • Large cannabinoids are ingested within a short time

Cannabis Edibles

This method is quite popular; for years, most consumers would eat cannabis flowers rather than smoke them. The edibles are coated in sugary treats to mask the cannabis taste. When ingested, they are processed by the liver, where they are converted from THC into more potent 11-Hydroxy-THC, making their effects stronger and psychoactive than smoking or vaping


  • Small quantity produces a strong therapeutic effect

  • It helps to avoid inhalation of soot common with smoking

  • It produces a stronger and lasting effect, especially for consumers with chronic pain.

  • Edibles can be made into oil or butter by consumers making them versatile

  • Edibles are discreet when compared to smoking


The effect of cannabis largely depends on the consumption method, and different conditions require different consumption methods. Consumers will need to understand the pros and cons to determine the best method for them

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