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New Gan Cubes and GAN Cube Sticky Lube

GAN Cube Sticky Lube
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There are many different colour options for the GAN cube. The stickered versions come in red, pink, blue, and white jade. Stickerless versions are more common, but aren’t as popular. While it’s possible to order custom colour schemes, it is difficult to get the cube in a shade you want. For this reason, most people purchase one of the pre-selected colours. But the GAN cube is one of the best-selling puzzles in the world, making it the perfect gift for a child or a loved one.

Gans Magic Lube

The new magic lube for the popular 3×3 Gan cube is a great addition to the game. This lubricant is made of a special viscous material that adds control and substance to the cube while speeding it up. It comes in a tamper-proof, clear bottle, and is designed to be applied directly to the cube’s surface. Many players swear by its performance, and many speedcubers swear by it.

Gans Sticky Lube

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to apply the Gan Cube Sticky Lube, you should try Magic Lube, which comes in a handy pocket-sized bottle. Simply turn the cap clockwise to apply it to the cube and it will go on smooth. Once it has become sticky, wipe it off. You can even use it as a water repellent, since it’s waterproof.

Gans Air

The newest 3×3 from GAN is the Gan Cube Air. This cube features a new GES v3 and a slight internal piece redesign. It also includes the newest magnet technology and is a must-have for any cube enthusiast. Unlike previous cubes, this one is available in two color options: black or white. In October 2017, the company introduced a new elasticity system for its 3x3s and released the GAN Box v5. It also released a new version of its popular Honeycomb cube.

Gans Air v3

The new 3×3 cube from Gans has just been released. This version uses the new GES v3 technology and slight internal piece redesign. It’s one of the best-selling cubes in its category, and features the same elasticity system and interchangeable magnets that you love from other 3x3s. And it’s made of high-quality materials that won’t break the bank.

Gans Air 249M

The GAN 356R is one of the most impressive cubes to date. It has an industry-first magnet replacement system, which allows you to change the strength of the magnets in the edges and corners in thirty seconds. Other notable features of the new GAN cube include removable magnets, a magnetically resistant surface, and two internal colors. In addition, it comes with a stickered option for even more customization.

Gans 354 v2

If you are a parent who is looking for a puzzle toy that will keep your kids busy, you should check out the GAN Cube 354 m v2 – a stickerless 3×3 magnetic speed cube. This is a great toy for young children or even for adults who have small hands, as it measures 54mm in diameter and is ideal for One-Handed cubers.

Gans 356XS

Currently, the Gan XS is the flagship cube of Gan. This cube comes with 72 customizable settings, including magnet strength and elasticity. As such, the XS is one of the most customizable cubes on the market, and it’s the preferred cube of many speedcubers. If you’re looking for a cube that will last for years, the XS might be the one for you.

Gans 356i Play

The Gan Cube 356i Play is a brand new version that features a slightly redesigned internal piece design. The 356i Play is also compatible with the new GAN GES v3 system. Both cubes are very easy to assemble and play with, and come with the same lifetime warranty. The 356i Play is the ideal puzzle for kids, and its new honeycomb design is sure to delight puzzle enthusiasts.

Gans 356i Elite-M

The GAN Cube 356i Elite-M is a modernized version of the classic GAN 356 X puzzle. It’s lighter and features the same elasticity tensioning tool as the Air M. The cube’s spring tensioning nuts and magnetic nuts can be adjusted to fit your preference. This cube has a slightly higher price than the GAN 356i Elite-M, but it still provides excellent performance.

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