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Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Your Perfect Singapore Staycation

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Singapore is a perfect place for holiday and staycation. In the City of Lion, you can enjoy countless things to do as you go for your holiday. From the attraction, shopping place, and of course the food, you can get the best experiences in this place.

Looking for a staycation in the country, you will be delighted by its atmosphere and all of the surrounding places. But, the first step is, you can go for a hotel booking to start your staycation. For the recommendation, you can go for a night at Jurong Hotel if you want to feel some natural surroundings. But, if you are a perfectionist looking for high-quality service, just go for a room book on Grand Park City Hall.

Aside from the hotel, to make your staycation more enjoyable in Singapore, here are the things to consider and do. Let’s check it out!

  1. Plan Your Hotel Room

To make it a perfect staycation, the first thing to do is book your most wanted hotels. There are so many good hotels with luxurious services that you can stay for nights in Singapore. From the cheapest to the expensive one, you can choose any reference for the hotel that you want to stay in.

Some tips, do a quick research before booking a hotel. You can go for a look up to their special services like what the hotel offers on special days on weekdays or weekends. Then, if you already found the perfect hotel, just go to a book immediately.

  1. Book More Than One Night

Almost is never enough, so it will be better if you go for more nights. It is reasonable if you take two nights on your staycation to enjoy your holiday. You can go for a stay at a high-end hotel for two nights so you can enjoy the full services.

By booking more than one night, you will feel you’ve stepped away from your boring routine and of course the full rest. Make sure the hotel that you book has all of your needs to enjoy, like breakfast and dinner, room services like laundry, and a swimming pool and a gym facility.

  1. Sleep More On Early Check-in or Late Check-out

When you’re on a well-deserved staycation with your loved ones, it will be better to ask for a late check-out. Not only do you enjoy sleeping together for a longer time, but you can also go for other activities. Of course, you need to choose the relaxing one like a spa together or a walk in the hotel park.

For some tips, you can get more treats on weekdays because the hotel will give you extra services like an in-room breakfast or a private pool to enjoy with your mate.

  1. Look For The Hotel Promos!

A perfect staycation can’t be more perfect with special prices. So, before you plan your staycation and the activities, just go look for perfect promos on the web. Check your favorite travel agent website and seek a discount or any buy one get one.

Usually, if you are lucky enough, you will have a five-star hotel with very cheap prices for the staycation. Also, look up for the staycation deals that will give you a cheaper price.

Not to wait for so long, plan your staycation on the best hotels in Singapore. First, don’t hesitate and go for some tickets for you and your beloved families. Then visit Traveloka website or use the mobile apps and look for the best offer of Singapore hotels.

Be quick to steal Traveloka amazing Hotel deals for your staycation plan starting from login to your account on Traveloka App to enjoy these deals by getting a special price on Traveloka’s Weekend Flash Sale Every Friday – Sunday and the Hotel Flash Sale from 6pm to 12am.

Pack up your bags and go for a luxe staycation in a 5-star hotel that you ever dream of and enjoy up to 50% OFF your bookings on these Singapore top hotels!




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