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Must know that how we can Generate Mortgage Leads by Google Ads

Mortgage leads
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Google Ads often gets a negative reputation among mortgage brokers. They complain that it’s too costly and are lured to the clicks that appear to be cheaper which are offered by Facebook Ads.

However, I am convinced that Google Ads is an excellent method of generating the Mortgage leads UK you want provided you understand the process.

How Google Ads Works for Mortgage Brokers

I’ve gone over this in details in previous articles, so I’ll present a summary here, and provide hyperlinks to other articles in which you’ll find additional information.

Google Ads allows advertisers such as mortgage brokers to choose a list of keywords they wish to compete for. These are the kinds of terms or phrases they anticipate their customers will search for on Google when trying for an mortgage or remortgage e.g. mortgage brokers, mortgage advice, remortgage quotes, the best mortgage offers, and so on.

If a user types in an search phrase into Google that is a good enough match in terms of one of your phrases, Google will display one of your advertisements either above or below its organic results. These ads are written by you and each can include 3 headlines, and 2 lines of descriptions.

Only pay when people click on your advertisement. You set the maximum bid for each click, and the the actual amount you pay for is determine through auction processes.

Why are mortgage brokers losing money on Google Ads?

There are a variety of reasons Google Ads can end up costing you lots of money and not giving your mortgage leads you’re looking for.

The most frequent issue is that advertisers select terms that are either too broad or general – like mortgages instead of something more specific such as the mortgages of directors of companies.

Another problem is that people tend to use terms that trigger when the intent of the search is incorrect. Consider, for instance, the following two terms for search:

  • first time buyer Mortgage Leads
  • first time buyer mortgage broker

If you are looking for the first of these may interested in speaking with a mortgage broker or perhaps they are trying to find the top lender, with the goal of arranging the mortgage on their own.

However the second search is for people who are specifically seeking an expert mortgage broker to help them obtain an initial mortgage.

The search intent is more powerful with the second term, and this is why it is a better option that will likely generate mortgage leads with less price per lead.

Mortgage leads

Another problem when it comes to keywords is the fact that advertisers might not have spent the time to learn the mechanism behind keyword matching. This means that even if they’ve selected their keywords carefully they may be appearing on a lot of unrelated search results.

Even if you have the right keywords you could lose thousands of dollars using poorly written ads. It’s important to ensure your advertisements are appropriate for the keyword you’re targeting, and that they’re pack with advantages and unique selling points that make you stand out from your competition.

Additionally, you should make sure the landing page you have created are performing the task of turning visitors to leads. This is that many marketers fail in. If your site does not have landing pages that are well-design, there are a lot of simple tools that will assist you in creating high-converting landing pages.

Using Google Ads to Generate Mortgage Leads

There is a greater likelihood of success with Google Ads if you focus on a couple of specific areas within the mortgage industry. This will help your marketing more targeted, and naturally guide you to select low-cost and less competitive keywords.

Before you begin advertising make sure you take a good review of your company. What are your distinct selling factors? So, what differentiates you from, or more effective than the other brokers in your industry? What made your clients decide to work with you? Examine these questions thoroughly and then use the results to develop a value proposition for your website , and also to determine the advantages that you’re planning to promote in your advertisements.

Follow the steps of my guide for free on how to use Google Ads and my no-cost Google Ads training course that will help you set up an effective Google Ads campaign using the right configurations (Google’s default setting are typically not the best option).

Limit your search to a few of keywords at first and gradually increase the number of keywords when you begin to see some results.

Before you begin writing your ads, you should watch the video at the beginning the article. There’s a segment where I present some examples various mortgage ads taken from Willow Private Finance and from Mojo and discuss the reasons why they are good or not so good.

Make sure to create realistic bids and pick an annual budget you are comfortable with but that is still able to allow your campaign the possibility of success.

At first you may think that bidding on, for instance, PS5 per click is costly. However, look at it in this manner. With PS5 for each click it’ll be PS500 to attract 100 people to come to your site. From those 100 people then it’s plausible to expect at minimum 10 leads. If you get 10 leads, you’re bound to able to close one deal, wouldn’t you?

And if yes, then based with these conservative estimations, you’ll be able to get one new client with the sum of PS500. If you consider that one client can bring you up to PS1,000, that’s a not good return on investment.

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