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Mortal Kombat
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Kombat in Pocket

MORTAL KOMBAT is AN action game created by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. The action game could be a mobile port of the fighting game Mortal Kombat X.


It options three on three duels, collectible characters, customization, and therefore the picture Fatality.


Optimized for Mobile Devices
MORTAL KOMBAT paves its thanks to the mobile market.

It options each the character rosters of Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat eleven. Players will kind groups of Earthrealm heroes, Outworld warlords and Netherrealm warriors.

every character has distinctive Disciplines and categories. bound combos of characters with similar Disciplines and categories can kind team synergies. The Kollection contains all characters noninheritable from missions, events and in-game Packs.

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This game has simplified the movement and command input. It solely needs sound and swiping for actions like attack, defend, tag allied characters and special attack. Specials Attacks ar gained from offensive and block. a lot of Special Attacks become on the market by getting upgrades.

to specific parameters like “bronze characters only” or employing a specific character within the team”. They even have to clear 5 towers before deed the reward. Feats of Strength ar unlockable once obtaining a gold or diamond character.

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solely Gold or Diamond characters have this feature. It permits customization for the Faction Wars, along side unlocking permanent character upgrades.

Players will check the graphic symbol Offerings for grouping packs. Quest Mode is that the different restricted time challenges wherever players ought to deploy three characters.

Deployed characters can’t be utilized in different modes except Faction Wards. they’re going to come back upon finishing the quests. Shao Kahn’s Tower could be a 100-story gauntlet of challenges.

Players receive Talent Points and account bonuses anytime a floor is cleared. Battle Mode lets players challenge maps with 6-floor towers, at constant time players will replay already cleared maps. this can be wherever Koins, Souls, and skill ar farmed.

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Faction Wars ar seasonal PVP matches with leader boards. Players will be a part of a faction and therefore the winning aspect can get larger rewards. Blood Rubies ar a special currency which will be solely found on Faction Wars.

the sport includes Cross-Platform Unlocking feature wherever finishing game challenges can unlock a lot of contents for Mortal Kombat X. this needs a WBID account for game consoles, desktops, and mobile devices.

Mobile Fatality

MORTAL KOMBAT brings the brutal fantasy fighting from the desktop and consoles to mobile devices. the sport is pleasurable despite its grindy side. obtaining new characters and playing Fatality continues to be cathartic.

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