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Manufacture of medical eye drops by eye drop manufacturing company

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There are approximately 380 items of medical eye drop approved for sale in India by eye drops manufacturing company (as of now, on the prescription of a medical practitioner, according to the NHI drug price list). And they are helpful in the field of eye care. 

Here, we will explain “formulation design of medical eye drops” and “manufacture of medical eye drops.”

  1. Formulation design of medical eye drops
  2. Manufacture of eye drops for medical use
  3. Formulation design of medical eye drops

In the formulation design of medical eye drops

(1) The physical properties of the active ingredient (solubility, stability, etc.) are first examined, and 

(2) What dosage form of eye drops (aqueous, suspendable, dissolved in time, oily) or eye ointment is determined. After that, (3) Additives such as stabilizers, isotonic agents, and preservatives are selected as necessary, and various stability is examined to determine the final formula.

We have created this content to help you understand how these medical eye drops are formulated, and manufacturing of eye drops takes place. 

The formulation design of medical eye drops requires “efficacy,” “safety,” and “stability” as pharmaceuticals and “high quality” for manufacturing.

(1) Formulation design of medical eye drops

To determine the dosage form of eye drops, the solubility of the active ingredient in water and its stability in an aqueous solution are examined.

(2) Dosage form of eye drops

Eye drops by eye drops manufacturing company determines the dosage shape in line with the solubility of the energetic aspect in water and its balance in an aqueous solution. In general, if the energetic aspect is without difficulty soluble in water and stable, water-primarily based eye drops. Easily soluble in water, but if it is unstable, dissolved eye drops at the time of use. It suspended eye drops that are difficult to dissolve in water but are stable. And if it is difficult to dissolve in water and unstable, it will be an oily eye drop/eye ointment.

Formulation design of active ingredients

(3) Additives

Eye drops contain various additives other than active ingredients. The main additives are shown below.

Ph regulator

It is used to adjust the ph. Dilute hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, etc.

Preservatives (preservatives)

It is used to prevent microbial contamination of chemical solutions during use.

Viscous agent

It is used to improve the conjunctival retention of drugs and increase the persistence of medicinal efficacy and intraocular transition.

  1. Manufacture of eye drops for medical use

To ensure the safe use of the manufacturing of eye drops, it is necessary to manufacture high-quality products and conduct rigorous inspections to ensure them. Here are some of the most noteworthy aspects of manufacturing and inspection.

(1) Conditions of water used

Water that affects the quality of eye drops is the high purity water that does not contain microorganisms or fine particles. Like water, “purified water” or “water equivalent to distilled water for injection” is used.

(2) Air cleanliness

In the manufacture of medical eye drops, containers are filled with filler solution sterilized by filtration sterilization, etc. This filling area, called grade a, maintains cleanliness equal to or greater than the operating room and performs microbial monitoring and control—an example of chemical filling.

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