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Let’s talk about roofs

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The roof of the house is definitely the most important part when you’re building a new home. It keeps the entire house tied up together by providing structural support to the whole house. If the roof of the house is missing, it would be impossible to have a proper lighting, electrical wiring and even the interior designing of the house would not be possible. Modern technology creates a lot of awareness and provides various solutions towards every aspect of your structure. Many apps and software’s were created to have an insight even before the actual work starts. People are already aware of the pros and cons of building from scratch to the finishing point.
It is also very important for your roof to balance out the whole structure and maintain a weight of tons. It should be very durable, and not collapse due to any bad circumstances. If the roof of the house falls weak, then the whole house might be in danger of damage. The costs and repair will increase immensely.

Shape and Structure:

With such increase in the technical factors, it has become very easy to help anyone gain knowledge regarding the technicalities involved, especially with the roofing of the house. Now, it might seem pretty simple to just install a flat roof without considering the external factors, but this is not the case. As discussed earlier, the roof of your house provides a structural support for the whole house. It also protects you from various weather conditions and the changing seasons. Whether it’s the scorching heat of the summers, or the negative temperatures and snow during the winters, the structure and shape of the roof is considered as very important. We at Yellow Head Commercial Roofing provide you with the best Roofing Specialists service.

The Types of Shapes and Structure:

It’s very surprising to see how many different shapes and structures of the roof exist today and people can choose accordingly with respect to the environmental factors. Some shapes and materials might be more suitable for the summers only and not the winters. Some of them might be the best for both the seasons as well. Let’s discuss a few shapes and structures that are widely used within the country of Canada.

Asphalt Roofs:

Asphalt roofs are the most widely used type of roofs in all of Canada. To increase durability and long lasting factor of this material, they are now being created with fiber glass material. They come in different shapes and different colors as well. And said to be very easy to install, with minimal installation cost. They asphalt material itself is not very expensive. Although it is not a very long lasting material and might provide less insulation.

Wood and Cedar Shake Roofs:

Shingles are another material that is very popular in Canada for its appealing looks and style. Wood shingles also come in with various shapes and sizes. They are durable and light weight. They can also provide good insulation, especially during the summers. The biggest and the only drawback of such a roofing system is the cost. It is about 3 times more expensive than the asphalt shingles and it’s obvious that wood is an expensive natural material.

Metal Roofs:

It is a fact that metal is a very strong and a durable material for the roofs of the house. The climate of Canada makes it a very suitable material to use as well. They are also not very costly either, just a bit higher cost than the asphalt shingles. The metal roofs are manufactured from zinc, aluminum, stainless steel and even copper. They come in only 2 shapes of either a shingle or panel variation. The only drawback is that the surface of the metal is very slippery and the snow can slip off easily from the roofs, causing harm to a person or the property.

Rubber Roofs:

Finally, the rubber roofs that our company is specialized with. Rubber material has been available around the world for centuries and it’s been used for various purposes. Now, it is being used as a sealant and waterproofing material for roofs. Rubber roofs are long lasting, they can be repaired easily and they provide immense durability. It is not very cost effective in terms of labor but still, it is a new concept of roofing system. It is coming becoming very popular among the people of Canada. We at Yellow Head Commercial Roofing provide our valuable customers with the best sbs torch roofing services in Edmonton, Canada. The new type of roofing system with the highest durability, water protection and easy repair facility.

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