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Analyzing The Step-by-step Process To Create A Gojek Clone App

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The days of building an app from scratch have passed. It’s just a matter of a dedicated process inclusive of simple steps that leads towards building the most brilliant super app – the gojek clone. To those who are still unaware of what this app is and what it does, let me tell you, it’s a comprehensively coded and perfected application with 70+ services! Entrepreneurs can now build this digital platform to help their customers book a range of services from transport and logistics to an astrologer. 

Out of the line services you can offer to your customers include: 

  • Taxi/Moto carpool
  • Babysitters
  • Gardeners 
  • Computer repairs 
  • Exterminators 
  • Snowplowing 
  • Road assistance trucks 

These are only a good few services that your customers could avail of once they install the  Gojek clone app on their smartphones.


Try the product before purchasing it

Most white-labeling firms will ask the entrepreneurs to pay a reasonable amount of money to try their demo apps. However, beware of such firms because well-established ones let the entrepreneurs try the demo apps for FREE! Try the demo apps for as long as you want to until you feel like it’s the most perfect app for your business. 

Entrepreneurs can also simply download the demo apps from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. 

Want to customize the app? Get it done in just 1 week!

Entrepreneurs can also add their favorite features, services, and pretty much anything into the Gojek clone app because it’s 100% customizable! The expert app developers who’ll be developing the apps only need a handful of days to completely customize the app for you and rebrand it without costing you even a single penny! So, jot down all your customization needs. 

Enhance your brand identity with the perfectly crafted and color-matched app. 

Tell your needs to the Project Manager 

Place your order quickly so that the experts can start developing Gojek like app for you. Discuss all the customizations you need with the Technical Project Manager and ask them questions. Purchase the clone app script with Payment Milestones. This way the entrepreneurs can purchase the package with partial payments. After the entrepreneur has confirmed the order by making a payment, the technical team will present them with rebranded deliverables like the admin panel, iOS/Android apps, kiosk apps, etc. 

The technical team will white-label the app 

The white-labeling of the base app is included in the package that the entrepreneur purchases, so, they don’t have to spend a single dime there! The technical team will:

  • Rebrand the base app with the entrepreneur’ company name and logo 
  • Integrate the languages and currencies of their choice 
  • They’ll also integrate the payment gateway that they want

After developing the apps, the technical team will upload them to the firm’s development server where the entrepreneurs could check and review them. It is only after the entrepreneur approves the demo apps, the technical team will move on to launching the Gojek clone app

Launch on app stores 

All the apps will be submitted to Google Play Store and iOS App Store for approval. Once the app stores approve the apps, the entrepreneur is ready to go live with the app and start raking in high incomes straight from day 1 of their operations!


Want to launch the perfectly and powerfully built Gojek clone app? Get the app today from well-versed, licensed, and highly reputed white-labeling firms! 

Original creator of clone apps of the original Gojek App, so, who could have better on-demand app solutions from them? Purchase the most affordable business solution in the world and start thriving!

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