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Important Tips on Designing Your L Shaped Bath

I shaped bath
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Among all bathroom shapes, L shaped bath is among the most common in modern times. Bathrooms exist in various shapes and layouts. Such spaces, especially the small bath, pose various challenges for the design. If you have a reasonable budget for your bathroom, there are various possibilities to create the look you want. However, to ensure it is not just a space that offers aesthetics but complete functionality, it is important to properly understand all the aspects. You may have a long or narrow layout, wide and short bathroom, I shape, or square bathroom. 

What is L shaped bath?

Among the most unusual bathroom shapes, L shaped baths are the most challenging. Such bath resembles the alphabet l. That’s what gives it its name. Such a bathroom starts with a wider end from the door or has such aside at the opposite side. Although these look incredibly good, fitting fixtures at the most suitable positions is not easy. 

Making Most Out of Your l shaped bath

Since it is not easy to have the perfect design in such a bathroom, we have discussed a few important things that will make such a space a better place. 

  • Correctly Align your bathroom fixtures.  Aligning the fixture is the most important way to organize the look of the bathroom. For this purpose, you should plan to fix heavy fixtures in a straight row. For example, a toilet, sink, and enclosure will be in a row. You may use the wider end for such fittings. 
  • Position Large and Heavy Pieces correctly. If you have a small space, it will be better to keep the bulkier and heavier pieces, such as bathtub or enclosure, away from the entrance or door. It will help you make the area more spacious. 
  • Consistency in the Look. It is also important that you make sure your bathroom looks consistent throughout the fixtures. For this purpose, you can choose a bathroom suite as per your size and layout requirements. It is a great way to boost the attractiveness of your space. 

Designing l Shaped Bath

l shaped bathAn l shaped bath can be best set up with the following tips.

  • It is a relatively better idea to install wall-mounted fixtures like a sink and toilets in such a bathroom. You must make sure that such sink is right opposite the door. The shower area can be on the shorter side, and the toilet next to it would go well. In addition to that, you can also place these fixtures next to the worktop sink from one wall to another. 
  • If your bathroom has a sliding door, make sure that you have an option to fix the basin in the corner that is following the toilet and the shower or bath.
  • It is important to know that your distribution all depends on the space and layout. You must consider various factors in this regard. You can start withdrawing a layout on the paper and then allowing space for the fixtures. It will allow you to clearly see how it will fit properly. The toilet pan can follow the corner sink near the trance, and a shower or bath will be a better idea. 

Making Most Out of Your L Shaped Bath

In this article, we have explained all about L shaped bath. The different tips and tricks with reference to this specific layout will help get the most out of your space in such odd layouts. If you follow above mention tips, then it will be helpful for you in creating the type of space you want. At Royal Bathrooms, an online store in the UK, we have an extensive range of fittings and fixtures available at reasonable prices. So, if you are looking for something for a makeover of the washroom, then don’t hesitate to visit our website and place an order with us

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