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Kamia Harris, the Australian Psychologist with over 18 years of clinical psychology experience, is a highly-skilled Australian Psychologist in private practice in Canberra, Australia.

She has extensive expertise in many areas of psychology, such as counseling, assessment, mental health intervention, critical incident support and organizational training; additionally, she holds advisory and research roles. At all times she applies her talents with compassion and sensitivity.


Kamia Harris – Australian Psychologist

For over 18 years, Kamia Harris has been a psychologist in various settings such as the Department of Defence, private sectors, Australian Psychological Society and community health. Her training includes counseling and assessment services, mental health interventions, critical incident response teams, and organizational training courses.

Her clinical practice encompasses individuals of all ages and backgrounds, with special expertise in working with adolescents. With a background in counselling, psychology and education, she offers an insightful perspective when it comes to addressing young people’s mental wellbeing.

Her expertise in a range of areas makes her uniquely qualified to assist patients suffering from psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression and sleep problems. Additionally, she assists them in addressing their personal values, motivations and objectives through empirically supported treatment methods such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). She uses CBT-based treatments such as these to help her patients find resolutions to their problems.

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