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As a healer, Johnny has had an extraordinary path. In his early years, he found Reiki through an unexpected source and began sharing his knowledge with his brother, Jody. After witnessing Johnny’s healing abilities, Jody felt that Reiki was his calling. Similarly, his sister, Jody, was also impressed with Johnny’s healing abilities and felt that Reiki was his calling. The rest is history. But what is the story behind Johnny The Healer?

Johnny Tabaie

When it comes to mental health, Johnny The Healer Tabaie understands the challenges people face and wants to help them find the right treatment for their individual needs. He also battled addiction for several years, so he knows how devastating it can be to those affected. That’s why he has spent years researching holistic healing methods and developing therapy protocols that are proven to be highly effective and innovative. In addition to providing 150 hours of one-on-one holistic therapy, the treatment center offers a four-week intensive program that offers a holistic approach to healing.

Holistic Sanctuary

As the founder and director of Johnny The Healer’s Holistic Hospital, I’ve been on a mission to help as many people as possible overcome their mental health issues. While many doctors treat depression and addiction through pharmaceuticals, I’ve never seen one so dedicated to healing the mind. Here, Johnny and his staff offer an all-natural approach to healing the brain. Johnny is also credited with developing the Pouyan Method, an all-natural treatment for addiction, depression, PTSD and pain medication dependency.

Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method was developed by Dr. Johnny Pouyan to help people overcome addiction and PTSD. This holistic healing method utilizes a combination of different therapies and has given hope to thousands of people. It was created by Johnny Tabaie, who has a wealth of knowledge in holistic healing methods. To date, he has treated more than 1000 patients. The Pouyan Method focuses on the brain, body, and spirit.


Many people are interested in knowing more about the effectiveness of Ibogaine for Johnny The Healer. The plant-based medicine has been used in various cultures for thousands of years. Although it is illegal in the United States and Belgium, people from other countries have sought it out for its successful treatment for addiction. There are many reasons why this treatment is effective, including its ability to treat the root cause of addiction. Here are a few of them.

Success rate

There is no other program that offers the high success rate that the Pouyan Method of Johnny The Healer does. This proprietary approach utilizes plant-based medicines that have been used for tens of thousands of years. These natural medicines are not available in the United States, Belgium, or other Western countries, but they are being used by many westerners who want to find a more holistic way to combat addiction. They use holistic approaches to treat the root cause of a person’s addiction and create a healthy lifestyle for them.

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