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Jaggery Vs Sugar: Things You Need To Know

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Are you confused about choosing the right sweetener for your culinary and sweetener needs? Do you often replace one with the other thinking that one is better than the other?. There is a growing trend of labeling food items as natural so that they can be sold at higher prices and also appeal to the people. Jaggery and sugar are among the two popularly used sweeteners throughout the world. You might have come across many reports and studies stating one better than the other. Today, let us help you get clarity. In this article, we would like to provide a fact-based comparison between various properties of jaggery and sugar so that you can make an informed decision in choosing the best one according to your needs.

Jaggery vs. Sugar


– The color of sugar is typically bright white.
– Jaggery comes in a range of Eastman colors, ranging from golden yellow to golden brown, brown. Dark brown, etc, depending on the time till which it is cooked.


– Sugar is hard, solid, and crystalline in shape and texture.
– Jaggery is mostly semi-solid, amorphous, and softer than sugar.


Even though both sugar and jaggery are made of sucrose, there are some differences between the two.
– Sugar comprises mainly sucrose (C12H22O12).
– Jaggery is majorly made of sucrose (C12H22O12), with traces of iron, mineral salts, and some fiber.

Cultural Aspects

– The origin of sugar is believed to be in Polynesia, eventually making its way to India.
– Jaggery has a great significance in Indian culture as many of your traditional cuisine and rituals do use jaggery in plenty. It is also used in many religious ceremonies as it does not involve the use of any bone charcoal making it holy. Jaggery is offered to Indian goddesses and gods.

Industrial Aspects & Marketing

– The sugar industry is highly mechanized and also organized. The sugar available in the market is manufactured in sugar mills that are managed and run by big companies. Hence, sugar has a substantial influence on the CPI, therefore the economy.

– Much before sugar came into existence, jaggery manufacture was prevalent. Despite the huge demand, the jaggery industry is not very organized. Most of the jaggery manufactured is in remote places which are solid in the market via agents. Jaggery is known by its place of manufacture and not by the brand, unlike sugar.

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What’s better?

If your intention behind switching to jaggery is weight loss, then you need to understand fact that both sugar and jaggery contain almost the same amount of calories. It means that by replacing sugar with jaggery, you wouldn’t be making any drastic changes in your weight loss journey.

Did you know that both jaggery and sugar are made from sugarcane juice?. But their processing methods vary. In the case of sugar, sugar syrup is treated with charcoal as so to provide it with a transparent look, creating sugar. Once the industrial process is over, sugar is left with only plain sucrose. In the case of jaggery, such a process is not followed. Jaggery is less processed compared to sugar, hence its nutritional value is more than sugar. Jaggery also contains traces of mineral salts, fiber, and iron.

Sugar is often referred to as empty calories, meaning it has calories that are devoid of any nutritional value. Due to its rich nutritional profile, jaggery is found to have a plethora of health benefits attached to it. Jaggery aids in better digestion when it is had after a meal.

In case you need to raise your blood glucose level quickly, sugar is your best fix. Jaggery can help keep you away from various diseases and infections as it can boost your immunity. Compared to sugar, jaggery is a healthier option. One should also understand that anything in excess can harm one’s health. So be it sugar or jaggery, consume it in moderation.


Research has shown that jaggery is superior to white sugar in terms of its health benefits. Jaggery can not just provide immediate energy to the body, but also help clear the respiratory tract and also lungs. Get the best Jaggery Powder in Kerala and enjoy the benefits of jaggery right away!

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