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Is it better to eat breakfast before or after running?

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Starting the day practicing physical exercise is an alternative that many athletes support, especially runners. But what is better, getting up early to have a full breakfast before running or having breakfast afterwards?

“Both options can be accepted, but it all depends on our schedules and our goals. In general, the idea prevails that in order to maximize our energy and our performance we must face physical performance having covered all our nutritional needs”, explains Marta Gámez, technical director of the NC Salud Group. “However, if exercise quality or intensity is less important (according to personal goals), getting a full nutrient intake (especially carbohydrates ) before the race may take a 먹튀검증

The specialist indicates that research is currently being carried out on how fasting and the timing of carbohydrate intake affect physical performance, and the first results seem to indicate that performing physical activity on an empty stomach causes adaptive responses in the muscle cell that increase the use of fat as a source of energy for physical performance. However, that Gámez specifies if the purpose of skipping breakfast before running is to lose weight, it has been observed that it does not contribute significantly to the loss of body fat/weight.

The proposal of the American College of Sports Medicine

(ACSM, for its acronym in English) seems to be the most suitable for all those non-professional runners. From ACSM they detail that, although manipulating the total intake of carbohydrates or the moment of their intake in relation to exercise is useful to stimulate adaptive responses in the muscle fiber, the most important thing is that we provide our body with the energy it needs , and the pattern of intake can be adapted to our convenience and personal choice.

So you can go running

Taking this into account, Gámez points out that we can go for a run in the morning in these three situations:

Based on all this, we can go for a run in the morning in these 3 situations:

On an empty stomach

As long as our diet has a sufficient supply of nutrients and energy, you can go running on an empty stomach.

“Research is being carried out on the effects of the different training options and carbohydrate intake, playing with timing (taking carbohydrates before or after training, sleeping without taking carbohydrates, programming two daily training sessions without replenishing carbohydrates between them, etc.) . It seems that limiting the intake of carbohydrates when training can have benefits that magnify the stimulus of training or the adaptive response of our body. In any case, if we go running on an empty stomach, we must make a healthy intake throughout the day that allows the restoration of our energy reserves and our muscle fibers. In addition, we must not forget to rehydrate ourselves”, indicates the director of NC Salud.

In “semi-fast”

The “semi-fast” is an intermediate step between having a full breakfast and not having breakfast. The expert includes this alternative since there is evidence that taking protein on an empty stomach before exercising with a controlled or zero intake of carbohydrates can be doubly beneficial . “We will maintain a positive protein balance (we ensure the maintenance and/or growth of muscle mass) at the same time that we subject the muscle cells so that a greater muscular adaptive response is generated”, he specifies before adding that the contribution of fats must reduced as much as possible to speed up digestion and avoid discomfort during physical activity.


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