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Important Dates For ATO Activity Report.

ATO Activity Report.
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Nothing Is Certain Except Death And Taxes.

Advertising the activities of the ATO requires almost every company in the country to file and pay proper taxes, but for some strange reason, it sometimes distracts us.

When we say Activity Trigger, we mean Business Activity Report (BAS) and Premium Activity Report (IAS).

Have you ever received notice from ATO that BAS or IAS is being delayed? Or worse, have you ever paid a late ATO penalty? Don’t stress, it’s not a trivial matter. We are all human beings.

At Trade Guardian we are happy to send you ATO activity reports. You can expect that. Because we are professional accountants.

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We want to help our customers receive their ATO orders as soon as possible. Here’s some helpful information to help you think about the important dates of your ATO Activity Report.

Important Dates To Describe Your Activity.

Most companies are required to submit quarterly reports on activities such as baselines. Relevant end dates are:

  • October 28
  • February 28
  • April 28
  • July 28

The following are the dates for organizations that submit monthly activity reports, such as IFRS:

  • The twenty-first day of the month after the end of the tax period.

These data sources are the ATO’s due dates for your position and the BAS Fee Payment page. There are also helpful videos that explain some of the things. More on this page

Looking For Extra Time?

Wondering how you can get an extension from ATO? In other words, do you need more time to file BAS and IAS?

If you are using a properly registered BAS agent such as the Trade Guardian team, you may have an extra month to file. And you have more time to pay: Win!

Relax, let The Professionals Do It For You.

Activity reporting is one of the important tasks of a business administrator. But there is one thing you should consider outsourcing. I can think of other things of value. So much so that anyone can do business with their time.

If you never have to worry about it yourself, why not call Small Business Bookkeeping Services to take care of your ATO activity statements?

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