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Importance of Da Vinci Surgery

Importance of Da Vinci Surgery
In: Health

The term ‘robotic’ often confuses people into thinking robots perform surgery, but this is far from the truth. In reality, it simply refers to a surgical machine with instruments connected through a console that a surgeon ultimately controls. 

Da Vinci surgical system is a similar system that provides a better range of motion and high-definition imagery of the site of surgery, which helps surgeons work in detail.

Introducing Da Vinci Surgical System in India has given rise to a modern era of surgery. It has three components, namely:

Surgeon Console- The place where the surgeon sits and controls the instruments.

Patient Cart- It holds the camera and surgical instruments that are required for the surgery. The device is positioned on the right side of the patient’s bed.

Vision Cart- This device makes communication between the surgeon and patient cart possible. It also displays the 3D image.

During a Da Vinci surgery, patients are the center of focus in the network of the health care team, which works together. But the question is whether there is truly a need for the Da Vinci Surgical system in India.

 Why was the introduction of the Da Vinci Surgery critical?

Da Vinci Surgical System in India focuses on treating the patient efficiently. Apart from helping the patient, it also helps the medical students and operating team in the following ways:

  • Provides extensive training and education 

During the surgeries, medical students have to stand in the order of their seniority. This means that not everyone gets to understand things well. However, Da Vinci surgery allows such passionate medical students to grow their knowledge and train in minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

The Vision Cart displays the 3D image of the surgery site on screen, which is ten times better than what human eyes can see. This clear vision helps students comprehend better.

  • Supports the surgeons and operating room staff 

Surgeons and operating room staff have to be very careful while minimally invasive surgery as the incision has to be precise. However, with the Vision Cart displaying a high-quality image of the surgery site on screen, this process becomes comparatively easier.

Thus, using the Da Vinci Surgical System in India help perform complicated surgeries with precision and accuracy.

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