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HR Outsourcing Companies in UAE

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Dedicated to sourcing

Our diverse team dedicated to sourcing, hiring, recruiting and onboarding ensures focus, quality, and fast turnaround times. Likewise, we help candidates find the right job that helps them develop their careers in line with their goals. Our experienced team helps them develop the skills they need and also provides career guidance at every stage of their career. On the other hand, Peopleperfectae works with clients to identify and recruit the right talent and the necessary skills that fit the company’s culture. More than 30,000 employees have been deployed across various industries and services is a testament to our success. In fact, when you outsource your HR Outsourcing Companies in UAE services to us, you can focus on growing your core business while we fully take care of your concerns.

Peopleperfectae is HR Outsourcing Companies in UAE. Over the years our company is always up to date and ready to be on top of the trend. Therefore, we have the best understanding and knowledge of the company. This, along with a large database of candidates from around the world, makes us well-prepared to meet our clients’ needs, however unique and personalized they may be.


A special reserved survey is done at the request of our valued customers to populate the highest rankings with those traveling to the UAE or the world.

voice drive

To meet our clients’ growing recruitment plans, we offer exceptional voice recruitment services at competitive prices.

permanent unit

Unique recruitment rules for senior managers, middle and junior positions. These services are paid depending on the level of success.

Recruitment of foreign workers

Candidates are recruited from abroad either directly or through our affiliates and partners in India, Pakistan, Jordan, the Philippines, Egypt and Morocco. Peopleperfectae are always trying to make more connections.

HR Outsourcing Companies in UAE

Hiring temporary workers, also known as outsourced workers, gives clients the flexibility to hire job seekers on a short-term basis – daily, weekly, monthly or annually. There are many reasons why you might need temporary workers – employees going on vacation, sudden emergency needs, new jobs, attending exhibitions and events, etc.

With our understanding of local market dynamics, team knowledge and a rich and active database, peopleperfectae can help you identify and source the right talent according to your needs and integrate them under our support. We are known in the industry for our quick response time regarding visa deadlines and other legal procedures. That means you have your employees off the block early. Peopleperfectae also offer HR Outsourcing Companies in UAE comprehensive payroll management services so you can save time on administrative tasks and focus on growing your business.

At any given time, we at UHRS have a ready-made database of successful candidates who can start immediately as per the client’s needs. They are already vetted, trained HR Outsourcing Companies in UAE and shipped with all the necessary regulations. These qualified employees can be hired directly based on the skills required by the company. This can be a time and cost solution for users.

Some of the temporary workers we offer are:

• Sales team

• Accountants and financial directors

• Counting Operators

• Data entry supervisors

• Promoters / Merchants

• Store assistants

• Call center managers

• Mobile banking operators

• Credit is earned

• Technical team

• IT support team

• HR support team

• Administrative support staff

• Receptionist

• Customer Service Managers

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