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How You Motivate Yourself to Train in the Morning?

how to motivate for morning exercise
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There are many good reasons for morning exercise. Do you often don’t have time to do sports? Too much going on? Job, family, friends – or another excuse why your workout is falling by the wayside? Put an end to all these excuses!

From now on, you can simply do your sports units in the morning – and benefit from them all day. Perhaps you have just missed the right approach so far: With this training plan you can do your first 30-minute run.

The only problem is: How do you manage to motivate yourself to do morning exercise? With our tips you too will become an early bird.

What should I watch out for during morning exercise?

Find your own rhythm, your ideal time and sport. For the first few weeks, try different options to see what works better and what does worse. This affects both the time you get up and your physical activity.

Important: Do not stress yourself with this claim! Take enough time to find out whether your body can give full throttle in the morning or whether it needs more moderate training.

How do I manage to motivate myself to do morning exercise?

The benefits of morning exercise are well known. But often good arguments are not enough to get you out of bed so early. The important thing is not to make the one crucial mistake: To believe that it will simply work if you set the alarm clock. Of course, you can mostly rely on yourself, but never underestimate the power of habit (and the warm duvet).

That is why we have collected a few tips that will boost your motivation a little. With these 6 steps you too can become an early bird:

1. First write down the advantages and disadvantages

Whether strength training or a cardio session – make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of a morning workout. On the contra side, for example: “I have to go to bed earlier in the evening and will be tired in the morning.” On the pro side: “Energy boost for the whole day; time for family and friends in the evening.”

Why this? It makes the clear excess of the positive points visible. Our prediction: If you weigh up your options honestly, you will most likely come to the conclusion that the benefits clearly outweigh the benefits.

2. Let everyone know

“You have to let everyone who is affected by the new daily routine know about your plans,” says Martin Grüning, editor-in-chief of the running magazine “Runner’s World” – and a passionate morning athlete himself. “Organize the days on which you train in the morning together.”

Because if you usually leave the house at 8 a.m., but suddenly go for a run first, everything that you have done in that time has to be organized differently (unless you are single). That takes a load off your shoulders – and an excuse. Another plus point: If everyone knows, you will be a little under pressure to go through with the matter. By the way: This is how you get started with running training.

3. Find a training partner

Find a training buddy, especially for the first few weeks. “It is extremely motivating to know that someone is waiting for you out there, whom you must not abandon,” says Moritz Tellmann. There are no potential early birds among your friends? No excuse! You are sure to find what you are looking for in online running and gym forums or via pin boards in the gym. Here are other reasons why a training partner can improve your workout.

4. Choose the right place early on

Getting up early isn’t the only challenge. It’s also about finding the right location for the sport. Because: What fits perfectly in the evening at 6 p.m. is not necessarily ideal in the morning. Is your gym or swimming pool open this early? (Provided that it is generally open.) Or watch your run with the eyes of an early bird: Is there enough light in the morning, do the road surface and route profile fit?

The other way around: Could you finally do completely different laps in the morning that don’t seem to make sense in the evening because of the traffic situation? “Many an evening round, which regularly suffocates in rush hour traffic, is completely emission-free in the morning. Play through various options in your head and test them out,” advises Runner’s World boss Grüning.

5. Formulate very clear goals

In the morning, your weaker self is a particularly tough opponent. It is all the more important to formulate clear, motivating goals. “Goals give you orientation and remind you again and again of what you actually want to achieve,” says coach Tellmann. But also make sure that you don’t aim for unrealistic projects, for example: “I want to lose 5 kilos within a week.” Goals that are set too high can quickly become demotivating.

6. Treat yourself to new clothes

It’s a little silly, yeah. But in fact, some new workout clothes can also help motivate you to exercise. On the one hand, because you feel like putting them on, and on the other hand, because otherwise you feel guilty about leaving them lying around uselessly. Maybe a new top and new training pants are enough?

And here’s a general tip: This is a guaranteed way to get up early.

Morning exercise is the best way to start the day and it solves a lot of time problems. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to do so, our tips will definitely help you. You’ll soon be an early bird too!

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