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How to Write a Personal Statement for Medical School? Some Examples.

Personal Statement for Medical School
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The personal statement is a narrative essay in which one mentions the inspiring events and incidents that led them to apply for a medical school. Having a strong personal statement increases your chances of being accepted as a medical school student by the committee. Medical school personal statement examples should contain the qualities not seen in the grades or marks.

The written content in a personal statement is entirely up to the applicant. However, it reports events that show that a premed is ready to apply for a medical school.

How to write a personal statement for medical school?

A personal statement should be based on actual events in the applicant’s life that have genuinely inspired them to pursue medical studies. Writing personal information should be started with a catchy introduction of the applicant showing the qualities. Then the incident should be mentioned creatively, including the impacts of various life experiences. Finally, it should have ended with an optimistic conclusion.

The person viewing your application should find a genuine connection of emotions in that essay of yours so that the person might go through your application deeply. With a personal statement for a medical school, the admission officer viewing and considering your application can judge and find out the applicant’s traits. If it is written well, the student conveys their commitment and passion for studying in medical school. It should include a spark of personal connection. It should always have some emotional impact attached to it.

There can be many examples of personal statements as every person gets inspired differently. Personal statements are usually lengthy as they consist of an incident narration in an essay.

A short example of personal statements for medical school is:

So, here is one of the example personal statements for medical school that you can consider.

The structure of the human body seems to be simple when we first study it in junior classes. But when we get a chance to have a detailed study in senior classes, it becomes unique and exciting. However, it was breathtaking when I witnessed my uncle’s health deteriorating due to the deadly coronavirus. We couldn’t even take his body for the funeral due to COVID restrictions. I realized that the disease was deadly and might cause complications, and then my uncle passed away. Then I released how it felt after losing someone. The after-effects of death, like the sadness of watching your family suffer with you, are helplessness is the worst time. At such times, being a doctor would feel so fulfilling and hopeful. That is when I decided to enter into the medical stream and become a doctor, having a degree from the most prestigious medical schools.


So, this was about medical school personal statement examples that start with a dramatic opening and further show a sense of emotion of losing someone. And such medical school personal statements are considered excellent personal statements.

Therefore, keep this tactic in mind while writing any personal statement for medical school.


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