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How to Use Wondershare Filmora X Video Editor On Windows

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Over the past couple of decades 

Wondershare Filmora has become one of the most effective video editors for novices. It is the preferred choice for anyone looking to begin in the field of video editing but lacks knowledge of professional software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas would prefer Wondershare Filmora with X.

It’s due to the simple nature of the application it is all before your eyes when you start Filmora X. But, people who haven’t used the application yet, should be able to stop reading this post as we’ll be writing an easy guideline on how to make use of Wondershare Filmora X Video editor on Windows. Therefore, without further delay now let’s dive right into our list of options which is followed by the guide on how to use them.

What is Wondershare Filmora X

Presently, Wondershare Filmora provides several options for video editing software users with different editing abilities. Filmora X video editor is designed for people who are just beginning and don’t need a complicated interface and advanced software to edit videos. Filmora X is ideal for people who need to edit their videos before uploading on an everyday basis, which makes it enjoyable and exciting to watch.

However, Filmora Pro is a powerful editing program that comes with advanced features, it’s a completely different video editor that is designed for people who desire full control over every video clip effects, transition and sound in the video. The video editors are accessible for free, but when you export the video, it will have watermarks placed on the video. We’ll now look at some of the most exciting features available in this Filmora X Video editor. filmora x cracked

Animation Keyframing

The feature in the Filmora video editor x allows you to make customized animations within the video. It gives you complete control over animation, the position as well as its movement, and other parameters.


The motion tracking feature in Filmora X lets you examine the motions of the video and then apply them to another video clip with the video. This is an essential feature, even in the most basic editing programs for video.

Color match

Sometimes, we won’t be content with the overall color and quality that the film has. With Filmora X it is possible to color match your clips at the same time and make your videos look better.

Audio ducking

The majority of vloggers speak in between their videos and also are playing background music simultaneously. To ensure that viewers can hear your voice, the audio-ducking feature is a way to lower the volume of music during certain times.

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