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How to Use Smart Phone in an Appropriate Way

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Mobile phone have become a very essential part of our lives. They allow you to store data. So much important work is done with mobile phones. It’s the best way to communicate with long distance people. It’s a blessing for us. On the other hand mobile phones affect our health. We should use it in a healthy way. But the question is how? In this article we will talk about some healthy ways you can use mobile phones.                                                                                                                                                                               

Avoid Wearing Your Phone

We connect to the world with a cell phone. Cell phones emit RF energy. When we hold our phones near our head or body our body absorb over 50% of the RF energy. Which is not good for our health. Never keep your phone in a pocket and women should not keep their phone in a bra. Use headphones whenever you talk to your phone. People who carry their cell phones near their chests get breast cancer. Carry your phone far from your body. Use aeroplane mode when you are not expecting any call, for example before you sleep use aeroplane mode. Maintain at least 5-8 inches gap from mobile.   

Use streaming app limited

Streaming services are very popular nowadays. It will cost you some money but that doesn’t mean you always spend time on a streaming platform. There are so many streaming services available with great features like Netflix, Amazon prime, wcoforever, and disneyplus. But these are addictive too. You may lose contact with the real world. Use streaming apps only. There is a huge benefit you’ll get when you spend less time with your mobile phone.

Use night shift function

In 2016, the iPhone introduced the night shift option. When we use mobile phones late at night it helps to reduce the strain on our eyes. And now android makers have launched the same feature. Darkmode is a better option not only for night but also for day. Blue light can create a sleep issue and that leads to depression. If you forget the night shift. I have a solution for you. Download the flux app and adjust with your bedtime routine. It will automatically adjust everyday. 

Use of Social Media

Social media has become an essential part of our lives. Most of the people are active on social media. We see happy faces on social media. We follow celebrities and their kids’ activity on social media and feel close to them. For example we can say most of us see avielle janelle hernandez dance activity on social media. Notifications always district us, so try to turn off the notifications. Schedule your internet time. Uninstall those apps where you spend most of your time. 

Avoid long conversation

We can use mobile phones in many ways. Using a mobile phone for calls 20-30 minutes per day is absolutely okay. But more than 30 minutes can affect your health. Including brain cancer or tumour. Avoid phone calls and text more, texting is better than phone calls. But do not drive and text, because it can distract you badly. 


Mobiles are necessary for business, study and our daily lives. We get important information, news, calls through mobiles. Sometimes using too many mobile phones can become an addiction. Never let your smartphone become your addiction. Use it in a healthy way. Because nothing is more important than health.

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