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How to Treat Hepatitis B With Food

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For someone suffering from hepatitis B, it is an understood concept to take a healthy diet in order to take care of the liver. The liver is the major organ that gets affected and inflamed when a person is dealing with hepatitis B.

Now you must be wondering, how to diagnose if you are suffering from this disease. Well, an HBsAg quantitative test Karachi can help you find out you are a victim of hepatitis B. But there is no need to worry, your diet plays a major role just like your medication does.

Your diet and the food that you intake help a lot in the management of hepatitis B. Fatigue is something that is most commonly felt by the person suffering from the disease. So the food that you take while suffering from hepatitis B in maintaining a healthy diet plan for weight loss, as there is a lot of muscle mass lost by the patient dealing with hepatitis.

Foods to Eat

There is a good number of food options that can be consumed to keep your liver healthy when you are suffering from Hepatitis. But it is important to discuss the diet and the food options that you are opting for with health experts if your hepatitis has grown past the initial stages and has gotten chronic.

The best food options to opt for when dealing with hepatitis B are mentioned below. 

Protein Foods

It is very important to consume the right amount of protein when you are suffering from hepatitis B. Protein intake is essential to avoid malnutrition and for the maintenance of a healthy weight, as there is muscle mass lost in hepatitis B.

Experts say that the intake of protein is around 1 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of weight. Some of the best protein rich food options to consume for a healthy liver include:

  • Nuts
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Lean Meats

Fruits and Vegetables

Your body needs minerals and vitamins to function properly. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with the needed fiber to excrete all the unneeded toxins and nutrients in the body.

Cravings like sugar and other unhealthy fatty meats can be avoided when replaced with fruits and vegetables.

Green Vegetables help a lot in lessening the fatty acid composition in the liver. That’s how they benefit the liver and the overall body by helping the body heal.

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Healthy Fats

It is important to take care of the liver by reducing the consumption of trans fats and saturated fats. This can be done by replacing them with healthy fats.

You need to avoid red meat and dairy products with full fat. Trans fats on the other hand are present in hydrogenated oils. These two must be avoided and the intake of healthy fats must be increased.

Plant-based fats are encouraged to be taken while fighting hepatitis B as they are the healthiest form of fats. These include sunflower oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. However, it is important to use healthy fats in moderation to keep the liver healthy. 


The consumption of whole grains must be added to your daily diet. For this, you need to make sure that you consume bread, rice, oats, and pasta. All of this must not be used when in refined form.

Whole grains can play a very important role in managing body weight by increasing the muscle mass that is lost during hepatitis B. This is done because of the protein content present in the grains. 

Foods Not to Eat

With an increased intake of food options good for your health, it is very important to avoid options that are damaging your liver equally. Some of the foods that you need to avoid for the better health of your liver are mentioned below.

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Processed Food

Processed foods must be avoided at all costs as they are extremely damaging to the liver. These include processed chicken, cheese, and other processed bread. Fast food that everybody loves also comes under the category of processed food and is extremely damaging to liver health.

Try and incorporate natural and organic forms of food into your diet. Include all the healthy options and avoid all sorts of processed foods, most importantly the ones that need frying. 


Sugar must be avoided if you want to keep your liver healthy and want to keep your body away from hepatitis B. Sugar intake also involves sweeteners, juices with artificial sugars, and fizzy drinks that contain unhealthy amounts of sugar in them.


Your liver is a very delicate organ of your body that must be protected at all costs. If you are suffering from hepatitis B, then make sure that you increase your intake of foods that are beneficial for the body and can help in treating Hepatitis B. And try to avoid foods that can make your condition worse.

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