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How To Teach English To Programmers

Teach English To Programmers
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The most important thing to learn English is to understand why you need it and whether you need it. Without this understanding, you will have neither the motivation nor the need to put the language into practice.


Strict and accurate feedback: If you want to become a professional in a fast-growing industry like programming, you should learn English at least up to the B2 level. Without English, you are a poor expert. Many important materials have not been translated into Russian. Sometimes it is translated so it is better not to be translated.

English Language Requirements For Beginners

  • Quick reading and a good understanding of technical documentation or programming subjects
  • Minimal contact with the client (if needed)

First, it is more than enough.

Learning Technical English Is Much Easier Than Just Learning English.

This is because specialist literature is often written in figurative English, without inflectional words and complex tenses such as the past, and future perfect. You will need at most 5 basic beats. To understand a technical text, you just need to understand all the words separately. You can forget the complexities of tense and idiomatic verbs. Unknown words should not be learned for a long time; Not more than a thousand. Any highly specialized vocabulary is minimal.

The most common problem is with bug collectors. You can speak badly, but with confidence. No American or European customer will fix it, at most they will ask. Speak as much as you can. Otherwise, you may be waiting for years for better timing instead of real pumping skills.

If you know 5 English words, you are ready to practice. Then find ways to practice:

  • Networks
  • Disagreement with other developers

Do not forget that in a foreign company you may be rejected not because of the language level but because of the communication level. The absence of a smile, nod, and coolness is worse than a bad accent.

How To Learn Vocabulary

First, install a Google Chrome extension (for example, Lingua Leo), which allows you to click on a word to see its contextual translation, as well as save unknown words to your dictionary. . Thus, learning will be both efficient and conservative.

Vocabulary Reconstruction System:

  • Learn 20 words a day: 10 on the way to work, 10 before bed
  • Repeat the next day.
  • Learn to program regularly, read the documentation and look up already learned words.

You will be able to reach the 1000-word mark in 2 months!


  • Never switch to Russian. If you don’t know how to translate a word, you need to explain its meaning using other English words. Just as the C++ compiler is written in C++, English should be learned with the help of the English language.
  • Social networks, computers, phones: everything should be in English.
  • Watch movies with subtitles. Keep watching even if you don’t understand the translation. Weird advice, but trust me, it works. Your brain matches words and meanings. Originals, podcasts, books, and YouTube videos. 
  • Use reverse context and Urban Dictionary.
  • Log in to English to improve your pronunciation.

There are no barriers in the field of information technology. They are in your head.

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