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How To Prepare Tea With Organic Loose Tea Leaves?

How To Prepare Tea With Organic Loose Tea Leaves
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It is pretty easy to make tea at home with a loose leaf tea packet. All you need to brew the organic tea is tea leaves, some hot water, and a pan or pot to brew your tea in. Here is our quick guide for you to brew organic loose leaf tea at home without much hassle.

Things You Require To Brew Loose Leaf Tea:

  • Infuser For Tea

While you sip, a tea infuser stops any tea leaves from floating freely in your cup. After all, you don’t want to be chewing on tea leaves while sipping your beverage! It even allows you to set a timer for when the tea should be steeped. This prevents the tea from becoming bitter.

If you wish to use something you can toss away, you can use a disposable paper filter. Otherwise, a basket infuser may be used in your mug or pot. If you take care of the infusers, they will last you long. An infuser is included with many of our teapots.

  • A Teapot Or A Tea Mug Is A Vessel For Brewing Tea.

To make tea, the infuser is placed in a teapot or teacup. Tea infusers are included with certain teacups and glass tumblers.

  • Kettle For Tea

To boil water, you’ll need a tea kettle. Kettles that can be used on the cooktop are helpful. Electric kettles heat water more quickly and effectively. In a pinch, even a basic saucepan will suffice.

  • Loose Leaf Tea 

All you’ll need now is some organic loose leaf tea. First, you may understand why we promote organic tea in this post. Then, using our handy brewing chart, follow the brewing directions.

Instructions For Brewing Loose Leaf Tea:

  1.  Take a kettle, fill it halfway with water, and bring it to a boil.
  2. While you wait for the water to boil, fill your tea infuser with the proper amount of loose leaf tea. In your teapot or mug, place the tea infuser. And if you are brewing iced tea, double the amount of tea you use.
  3. When the water reaches the proper temperature, pour it into the mug or teapot you have over the tea infuser. This way, water will be able to circulate through the leaves due to this.
  4. Set a timer for the tea to prepare. When the timer goes off, take the infuser and drop it in the water a few times to circulate it. Remove the infuser and leave it aside to steep again.
  5. Pour into a favorite cup or over ice to make a refreshing iced tea.

How To Make Organic Loose Leaf Tea Without Having An Infuser?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a tea infuser. In a pinch, making tea without an infuser is rather simple. 

  1. Prepare your tea as directed above, but instead of using an infuser, place your tea leaves directly into your pot or cup. 
  2. After the tea has completed steeping, strain it through a fine-mesh strainer. If you don’t have a strainer, a coffee filter or a colander will suffice. 
  3. Keep in mind that drinking tea with many tea leaves isn’t terrible for you; you only swallow a couple of tea leaves now and then, and the tea will grow stronger and bitterer as you drink it.


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