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How to organize a residential move in 5 steps

organize a move
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How do you plan a move? You can organize a move in five steps. You don’t have to panic if you are already dreading the idea of packing all your belongings into boxes and moving them somewhere else.

Take a relaxing herbal tea and learn our tips for organizing to make a stress-free and perfect move. Also, If you lived in Canada you may want to know how to ship furniture across Canada?


Imagine this scene: You have just been promoted at work and you are about to move into your dream apartment, which you purchased at a great deal. What could ruin this idyllic scene? It’s the thought of moving. Planning is the first tip to moving without stress. Planning makes the move less stressful.

You must first calculate the time it will take to move, the number of boxes, the packaging materials that you will need (better be generous with your estimates), and the days of vacation they need. Don’t forget to include the following: Do you wish to bring your piano or bulky wardrobe?

Hire a moving company that can help you with shipping furniture across Canada.

2) Eliminate unwanted things

Take a look around and determine what you should take with you.  There is more to a move than the sack of the unsold. Give to friends, donate to charity, and Resell online items that might be useful to someone else. Food chapter: Make sure you check your kitchen a few weeks in advance to see what’s in there. Avoid waste and make sure to eat everything.


After you have completed decluttering successfully, it is time to make a detailed list listing everything you want to bring with you. You can assign a color or letter to each room of the house and then report it on your list. This way you’ll know what the sealed boxes are for and where they were intended.


You are doing it right if your house is emptying day in and day out. It is best to pack your stuff a little at a time during the weeks leading up to the move. It is better to start with items that you don’t use as often by marking the contents of each box and updating the list.

Important! Be careful not to overload. Take a photo of any fragile or expensive furniture before you pack. This will help you determine if it was damaged during transit. Don’t get too excited about packing and remember that some personal items (clothes or household linen, medicine, etc.) may be lost in transit. These items will be required immediately following the transfer, so it is best to keep them with you.


You’re ready to move out of your old house, but you can make it easier by following these 5 steps to organize a move. These are the last things to remember: Have you checked that your new residence is ready for you? Are you moving home? Did you manage the heating and electricity contracts? You can then disconnect the utilities and take a photo (caution is always too much) before you head towards your dream house at 25th island of greece.

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