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How to know about the need of rehabilitation treatment?

alcohol rehabs in Pune
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We are all aware that the majority of people have consumed alcohol at some point in their lives, and this is not a pathological behavior. However, excessive alcohol consumption is deemed a disorder when it results in a deterioration of the individual’s psychosocial behavior or when an addiction develops (i.e. the inability to stay sober). In these circumstances, we refer to alcoholism and alcohol abuse. This article will discuss the causes, major symptoms, and how you can recover from this problem with help of an

The main causes of Alcoholism

Familiarity causes

  • The most common causes of alcoholism are hereditary, environmental, and psychological factors. One of the little-known features of alcoholic addiction is familiarity; in fact, numerous examples demonstrate a hereditary proclivity to develop alcoholism.
  • Indeed, investigations on the children of alcoholics have revealed that the likelihood of developing addiction in these people is 30% higher than in the general population  Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune

Environmental causes

  • The social setting in which you live, which is defined by certain forces that can lead to alcohol consumption, can also contribute to the development of an addiction over time. Peer groups or troubled families with alcoholics are examples of high-risk social environments.

Psychological causes

  • Among the risk factors are psychological causes, because alcohol, due to its psychoactive qualities, can be misused as a treatment for mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

Psychological damage and mental health consequences

Alcohol consumption can impair and gradually affect an individual’s personality on a psychological level. Among the obvious indicators of an addiction disorders are:

  • Inclination to avoid one’s responsibilities
  • A proclivity for self-destruction
  • From a brain standpoint, the potential harm caused by alcohol consumption is indicated via:
  • A lack of ambition and focus
  • Impaired memory
  • Difficulties with problem-solving abilities

How you can deal with this problem?

  • In addition to any pharmacological therapy provided by a professional, it is critical that the patient suffering from alcohol addiction begin psychotherapy treatment as soon as possible in order to try to discover the causes of his problem.
  • The first step is to recognize that you have a problem and, as a result, that you require assistance and support. In truth, the majorities of patients do not acknowledge their pathological condition and do not begin an adequate rehabilitation process (on average it happens to two out of three alcoholics). In this case you can call alcohol rehabs in Pune they can helps you to overcome this problem.
  • Alcohol addiction treatment must take an interdisciplinary approach. Furthermore, it is critical to work on prevention techniques to avoid any relapses, as well as to address the psychological issues underlying the addiction. Otherwise, abstinence attempts may be futile.

Services of Rehabilitation

  • A team of alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune highly trained and experienced rehabilitation specialists, including rehabilitation physicians, nurses, physical therapists, speech hearing and language pathologists, occupational therapists, recreational, and cognitive therapists, provide rehabilitation services.
  • Rehabilitation treatments are given in a variety of locations and at varying intensities. An adult recuperating from a stroke or brain injury, for example, may require intense inpatient rehabilitation hospital services followed by regular outpatient rehabilitation therapy.
  • If a child has multiple sclerosis, he or she may require regular speech, physical, and occupational treatment.
  • A person with a heart issue may require rigorous cardiac rehabilitation, which can not only assist a person recover from an acute event but also avoid future difficulties and hospitalizations.


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