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How to Keep Your Watch Protected and Safe in Custom Packaging

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You should not take packaging lightly. In an era of fierce competition, good custom packaging can make a good product stand out from the competition and have a major impact on sales performance. On the other hand, corrugated paper, custom presentation boxes, and lithographic corrugated paper are expensive products. Value-added print effects such as gloss lamination, hot stamping, soft-touch varnishes, and metallic inks are common.

Advantages of premium packaging

Choosing a quality packaging supplier helps your product stand out from the many similar products around. Luxury packaging has many benefits, including shelf appeal, functionality, and emotional appeal. It is no exaggeration to say that self-expression is the most important aspect of luxury packaging design. Visual effects such as lowered tones, matte surfaces, and high-quality materials can help increase the appeal of a product.

Another equally important aspect is the functionality of the wrapper. Aesthetics and luxury are important, and so is practicality. Packaging that is difficult to manage or inefficiently designed can make consumers reluctant to try your product over your competitors. Finally, use materials that appeal to all five senses. Luxury packaging can influence a shopper’s decision-making process through texture, sound, and even smell. ransomware attack

Price differentiation

Regardless of a product’s price range or packaging type, appearance has a communicative value. In packaged products, weight, thickness, and stiffness play a role in communicating price range and value.

Packaging weight matters

The lighter weight also results in lower shipping costs for manufacturers. Unfortunately, manufacturers quickly realized that this weight and material were perceived by consumers as less durable, leading them to choose other brands to meet their impression of the material’s value.

Traditional watch cases are the lightest.

They are usually made of cheap particleboard (or grey board) as the main structure, wrapped in the printed paper. These boxes perform the basic functions of protection, containment, and information. There are no special quality requirements. These ordinary custom rigid boxes are suitable for watches. Most importantly, keep costs as low as possible.

Plastic gift box for the watch

There are two types of plastic watch boxes. One is a plastic watch box with text or designs printed on it. The other is a plastic box covered with special paper, four-color printed colored paper, or PU leather. Most watches sold in traditional watch stores come with this type of case.

The timepiece gift box is made of high-grade cardboard/HDF.

These watch boxes are produced by manufacturers specializing in the packaging of watches, including cardboard watch boxes, cardboard watch boxes made of special paper, cardboard watch boxes made of coated paper (printed or matt laminated), and cardboard watch boxes made of PU Leather-wrapped cardboard gift box.

Types of products that use luxury packaging

The product type of luxury packaging boxes is not on limit. If there is a buyer, it is likely to be produce by luxury packaging manufacturers. Luxury custom packaging boxes are available for almost anything, including luxury watches, cosmetics, and luxury chocolates. People have certain expectations about the product and its packaging.

Product packaging plays an important role in the shopping experience, from finding a unique package in a store to opening it to receive a new product. Whether it’s expensive jewelry or an enticing sweet tooth, luxurious packaging plays a significant role in making the product attractive.

Box made of solid wood.

This type of packaging is generally aim at the luxury market and is suitable for original and authentic luxury watch brands. The material is mainly high-quality solid wood, often called a “luxury wooden watch box”.

Transparent cosmetic box.

As the name suggests, these boxes are mostly using in retail stores and homes and are prepare with acrylic. Its main feature is transparency. It is perfect for representing the watch design, giving consumers an idea of ​​the style and color of the watch through the box.

Tinplate clock packaging.

This clock comes with an innovative packaging design, the clock comes in a jar that opens like a canned drink. The exterior is black and white to contrast with the clock’s colorful interior.

Measure the clock packaging.

This student’s design is striking enough to be include in professional packaging. The packaging has a geometric design that opens up to reveal the clock inside. The design on the printed rigid boxes is also interesting, geometric yet modern, and sophisticated.

Orpheus luxury watch.

These watches also follow the geometric trend, housed in a triangular case that opens up to reveal the watch. The case comes with a sporty strap that takes full advantage of the geometry.

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