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How to Identify a Good Hair Braiding Shop

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For someone who enjoys making braids, you will understand that it is not enough to have a screenshot of the next hairstyle you want to make. There is one major factor you need to consider and this is; identifying the best braiding shop to get your hair done. To identify a good hair braiding shop, you need to find a hairstylist with strong hairdressing and communication skills and then a good environment. Always ensure you consult a good hair consultant to know the best braids suitable for hair texture and to prevent breakage.

Other steps include:

#1. Referral

One of the best ways to get that style you admire is simply by asking for a referral. Let the person know that you admire their hair and you would love to know where they had their braids done. It is even better if you make inquiries about the particular hairdresser in the salon they patronized. Not only will this prevent you from going back and forth trying to explain the hairstyle you want to get done, but it also leaves you feeling safe.

#2. Social media

You may also need to check their social media platforms to see if the images used are original. You would not want to settle for a salon because of an image you saw, only to be told at the end of a bad hairdo that the images were gotten from Google or Pinterest.

Also, ensure that you also read reviews by other people on their social media platforms to find out their personal experiences with the salon. Instagram is a highly recommended platform if you need to review their work history and the feedback received. If you have found the salon to settle with, you can then book a consultation for further inquiry.

#3. Consultation

This is where you clarify any other questions you might have regarding their level of professionalism and the kind of service they offer to know if they are the best for you. It is best if you consider an African hair braiding shop for your braids because of professionalism. You also need to ask questions about their pricing to know if it is what you can afford without breaking your bank.

Another important factor you need to consider in consultation is their license, especially in areas where a license is required for practice. If you have any specific hairstyle, this is also the best time to confirm if they can do it before booking an appointment.

#4. Comfort

Because some braids can take your whole day, you need to be sure that you are comfortable where you are. You also need to be sure that there are no allergic materials around and that the environment is suitable for you.

How to Prepare Before Getting Braids

#1. Decide on the Kind of Braids You Want

You need to decide if you want to do box braids, micro braids, or cornrows. It is best to narrow your options so you can find the right hair texture and stylist. You also need to consider the size and length of braids you want. Avoid extremely big and long braids that could damage your hairline.

#2. Choose a Day

Most times braiding could take a whole day, so you may have to set quality time aside for your new hairstyle. Depending on the kind of braids you wish to make, it can either take 4-6 hours for short hair and 6-10 hours for long braids

#3. Make Preparation

In cases of hair installation, you need to buy your bags of hair, wash, condition, and deep condition your hair before making it to ensure it is clean and nourished.

#4. Detangling

Finally, stretch your curls to properly detangle your hair. This makes installation easy and leaves your hair smooth and frizz-free. You can also stretch your hair without heat by moisturizing and braiding it out.


A braiding shop can either be really good or a pain in the neck for several reasons. They can be fast, inexpensive, catch really short hair, and others. However, where the braids are made to be too thin or tight, it can lead to alopecia, an itchy scalp, or frizzy braids. However, with the following tips on how to prepare your hair before braiding and how to identify a good braiding shop, you can expect the best results.

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