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How to Get Your Maryland Real Estate License?

Licensed Home Inspectors in Maryland
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Thinking of starting a real estate business? Real estate agents make good yearly salaries and businesses even more. Getting a Maryland real estate license starts by taking a pre-licensing course. First, you need to pass the pre-licensing course exam and take an introductory course called “Real Estate Principles.” After that, you’ll be eligible for the written portion of the salesperson examination. The next step that needs to be taken is applying for licensure with the state.

This guide is for those interested in becoming a real estate agent and seeking to get their Maryland real estate license. This guide will cover the following:

  • What Is the Maryland Real Estate License?
  • What Is the Prequalification to Getting a Maryland Real Estate License?
  • How To Prepare for The Maryland Real Estate License Exam?
  • The Pre-License Course That Will Help You Pass the Exam
  • What To Expect on Exam Day of Your Maryland Real Estate License?

What Is the Maryland Real Estate License?

Maryland is one of the many U.S. states which requires a license from the state to engage in the business of real estate sales and offers a Real Estate Broker’s License. The Maryland license state test is a difficult one to pass.

The Maryland Real Estate License is for people who want to do business as a real estate broker or agent within Maryland law. You need to apply for this license if you are acting as a broker or agent in charge of negotiating transactions and transacting money

The Maryland Real Estate Commission regulates the real estate industry and protects the public. The Maryland Real Estate license is a mandatory requirement to sell or promote real estate in Maryland.

Getting a Maryland real estate license is a 4-step process.

  • The applicant first needs to apply.
  • Attend an orientation session
  • Take a qualifying exam
  • Provide evidence that they have met all requirements for licensure.

There are many ways to get a Maryland Real Estate License. The best way is to go from pre-licensing education and take the state exam. The best way to get your Maryland real estate license is the go through the Pre-Licensing Education Program (PLE) and then take the state exam.

What Is The Prequalification To Getting A Maryland Real Estate License?

There are a few steps to take before you can be granted the Maryland real estate license. Maryland, but the first prerequisite to becoming a Maryland licensed home inspector is to be 18 years old and have been in business for at least two years. A real estate license is not a requirement for the purchase or sale of real property in Maryland.

How To Prepare For The Maryland Real Estate License Exam?

First, you need to do research. You can use this website or another one as a guide. You should also check out the official study guide for Maryland’s real estate license exam provided by the Department of Labor and Licensing and Regulation.

Next, you should check and see if any courses are available for your state. There are a lot of courses that interactively teach you the material with practice tests and quizzes along the way. You can also find preparatory materials from other sources on YouTube, etcetera.

Moreover, study guides are available in various formats where you can choose what works best for you, such as audiobooks, printed books, an online courses, or software.

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The Pre-License Course That Will Help You Pass The Exam

The State of Maryland has recently decided to make it mandatory for all aspiring Realtors to complete at least a pre-license course before being eligible to take the test. This is a significant change in our state and will require changes in how we do business. The pre-license course that you choose will depend on your needs. For example, if you are looking for content to help with your exam prep. This is where the online license exam prep course comes into play.

For those who want to bite off more than they can chew, there is also a comprehensive on-site pre-license course in Maryland which includes live lectures and workshops by industry professionals to help you with the intricacies of real estate law in Maryland. After completing the pre-license course, you will be eligible to take the state real estate exam.

The pre-licensing course you choose should be accredited by the REAL ESTATE LAND ETHICS STANDARDS AUTHORITY. It should also come with a step-by-step study guide and a library of documents such as contracts, deeds, and other legal agreements.

What To Expect on Exam Day of Your Maryland Real Estate License?

No matter how prepared you are, your job is not done until you take and pass the Maryland Real Estate Exam.

To do a good job, you need to arrive on time, get suitable materials, and use some best practices on exam day. It is important not to panic on exam day and instead, be prepared. Manage your time well and give it your best.

Can A Maryland Real Estate License Allow You To Do Home Inspections?

A Maryland real estate license allows professionals to work in real estate. Still, it does not guarantee that they have the proper credentials and certifications to perform a comprehensive home inspection. You can apply for a home inspector license in Maryland with a real estate license. If you have both, your experience would be more beneficial to the client. There are other ways, like getting an education from an accredited institution or following a home inspection apprenticeship for at least two years.

A Maryland real estate license can allow you to practice home inspection. Still, it may require some other qualifications and certifications to perform a comprehensive inspection or operate a home inspection company.

Licensed Home Inspectors in Maryland

To practice home inspection, one should have an inspector’s license. However, there are other types of licenses that might be required depending on the kind of inspection. For example, if someone is only inspecting residential homes, then they do not need a commercial general contractor’s license from the state department of labor.

Home inspection companies like Top To Bottom Services only hire licensed inspectors for each field of service that they offer. Licensed inspectors mean the company has good work ethics and conforms to the state laws and codes.

The Maryland Real Estate License program is one of the most popular and recognized real estate licenses in the world. However, for many people, the Home Inspector license might be a more fitting choice. Either license is required by law if you want to be involved with any type of real estate transaction or inspection in Maryland, the final choice is yours.


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