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How To Get Shiny Clean Windows

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Window washing is an eternal source of frustration, because it is sometimes completely impossible to get your windows washed so that they are not filled with streaks and runners. No matter how careful we are, it can be difficult to get the perfect result.

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At Jacobsens Rengøring, we have a super good roof on the window washer. Our owner Louise Groundhog, who is also a reputable cleaning expert, knows a few tricks that she is happy to share with you. Read on here and become much wiser about how and how easily you can achieve the absolutely perfect strip-free window wash.

Why is it so difficult to wash the windows completely clean and streak-free?

Why does it cause us so much trouble to get our windows completely clean and streak-free, when now the window cleaner can handle it in no time? Yes, the Vinduespudser has some proper stuff and then he washes hundreds of windows every single day.

Exercise is, of course, one of the reasons why window cleaners do the job somewhat better than we other mortals do. But good gear now means even more, to achieve the perfect and strip-free result that we are all looking for.

Equipment for your window washing – both inside and out

When you need to wash windows, you need some efficient and professional equipment that facilitates the work for you. It is not at all something that needs to cost you either a whole or a half farm, but it is absolutely indispensable if you want a perfect and streak-free result when you wash your windows.

You really just have to use

  • 1 Washes
  • 1 Scraper
  • 1 Microfiber cloth

And then some good quality soap, from here we naturally recommend Jacobsens Rengøring Window Cleaner , which is our own professional product – neutral and concentrated and made for use on windows, glass and mirrors. A quality product that delivers pure results every single time. Now you just need a few tricks from Louise – then you are ready for mission shiny clean and streak-free windows.

Your way to clean and strip-free windows – use Louise’s 2-stage rocket

It is by no means difficult to follow Louise’s two pieces of advice that just make your window washing easy, fast and completely streak-free. There are just 2 things that are important to your success – they are

A good scraper in natural rubber that adheres well to the pane

Do not fall for the temptation to buy a scraper that is just in the favorite color and with a hard and firm shine plastic or a blend material in a delicious accent color. The hard / solid rails tend to jump a little too much on the pane and thus leave small streaks of soapy water. Natural rubber is the way forward; it is firm but flexible and follows the surface with a firm grip. You need it if you want the fine and strip-free result.


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