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How to Find A Trusted Exide Battery Dealer

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Exide is a trusted name in battery production for industries such as transportation, power, telecom, rails and defense. Their products are reliable and long-lasting with an impressive warranty.

The company still employs thousands of staff across numerous countries, yet it has filed for bankruptcy protection once more, sending shockwaves through factory towns and cities where the company once reigned supreme.

1. Product range

Exide Battery Dealer in coimbatore  offers a vast selection of batteries to meet any need. These include automotive, industrial, inverter, solar solutions and genset models; plus they manufacture lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

The company has facilities in India and Sri Lanka, as well as a global dealership network. Furthermore, they have joined forces with Leclanche, a Swiss battery manufacturer.

Exide Battery Dealer is a leading battery supplier, offering an expansive product selection. Their services encompass automobile, industrial, inverter, solar solutions, genset batteries and submarine batteries – all top-of-the-line products.

If you are interested in opening an Exide battery dealership business, first reach out to your local territory sales manager for assistance. They can assist with setting up and running of the shop as well as assessing whether or not you meet eligibility criteria based on factors like experience in related activities, space available for installation, density of other Exide dealers nearby and more.

2. Warranty

Exide batteries offer a warranty period designed to provide you with peace of mind. It includes free replacement and pro-rata settlement of the purchase cost.

A battery with a cold cranking ampere (CCA) rating of at least 30 seconds is the ideal way to guarantee your vehicle will start when needed. Additionally, check out your car’s reserve capacity – the maximum time it can power electrical systems before needing recharge.

Knowing your battery’s features is essential for a positive and hassle-free ownership experience. An authorized dealer can demonstrate all of the best features of the battery and give advice on how best to take care of it. Furthermore, they provide warranty registration details as well as other important info about their products.

3. Customer service

Exide Battery Dealership provides outstanding customer service to their customers. Their dedicated customer care department is efficient and responsive, providing a range of services like emergency on-road assistance, warranty repairs, and car replacement batteries.

They boast an experienced team of engineers dedicated to providing their customers with the highest level of service. Their products are renowned for their superior quality and long-term durability, earning them a well-deserved reputation in the market.

They offer a vast product portfolio that includes automotive, industrial, inverter, solar and Genset batteries as well as high-end submarine batteries that meet the most exacting technical specifications and quality control standards.

Customer service is one of the primary reasons why this company has become one of India’s premier brands. They have an attentive customer care department and an enthusiastic team to boot.

4. Profit margin

Battery dealers are in high demand and offer an exciting business venture. But before you decide to open your own battery dealership, there are a few essential aspects you should take into account.

First, you must determine if your product is in high demand and what equipment is necessary. Next, assess your region’s licensing and registration regulations. Finally, devise a marketing strategy and company growth plans.

An exide battery dealer in coimbatore profit margin depends on your sales. Most companies provide special bonus schemes and offers to dealers who achieve their sales targets.

Exide provides discounts and incentives to its distributors and dealerships, in addition to providing generous warranties on its products. These are used across a range of industries and remain in high demand. Furthermore, Exide boasts an expansive presence throughout the country which enables it to compete against other leading battery manufacturers while offering quality products renowned for reliability.

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