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How to Choose the Best Tour and Travel Agency in Seattle?

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Tour and travel agencies help in making life easy in today’s world. With their existence, all you need to do is pay and they do all the running around. However, Seattle has a ton of tour and travel agencies operating in the city, you’ll need to make an informed choice.

To choose the best tour and travel agency in Seattle you’ll have to look out for some things and one of them is their membership with certain legal bodies. Let’s take an in-depth look at how to choose the best tour and travel agency in Seattle.

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Why You Need a Travel and Tour Agent?

Basically, travel and tour agencies make the process of traveling fast and affordable. If you’re planning a day trip to Leavenworth from Seattle, you have to first make thorough research on the best tour sites in Leavenworth and how they operate.

You’ll also try to find out the best transportation method and directions. This process may be stressful for you, only thinking of it can discourage you from making the trip. This is where a tour and travel agency comes in, they make this research and have the information at their fingertip.

More so, going for a tour as an individual may cost you much more, from transportation to lodging and the fees to access the tourist site. It’s for these reasons that a tour and travel agency exists.

The agency makes the necessary arrangements – lodging, transportation, and drawing up exciting tour schedules and activities. Since you won’t be the only one going on the tour, the agency can strike fair deals for these costs.

So, a tour and travel agency helps you find what you’re looking for, within a short time and for a better cost.

How to Choose the Best Tour and Travel Agency?

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a travel and tour agency in Seattle to ensure you are up for the best:

#1. Choose a Credible Agency

One of the few things that give you a clue about the credibility of a tour and travel agency is the legal authority they have to operate. For travel and tour agencies in Seattle, the travel regulatory body is the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA).

ASTA is a world-class association of travel specialists and operates with high standards, so any agency that makes it to ASTA membership gets a thumbs up. Another acceptable affiliation is membership with the Association of Retail Travel Agents. Also, find out if the agency’s practices comply with Seattle’s state laws.

#2. A Local Agency May Be a Better Option

As fraudulent activities over the net are becoming increasingly popular people need to take caution. Working with a local agency, not some agencies that run totally online may also help strengthen trust.

However, since the world is advancing to digital existence, most tour and travel agencies may lack a brick-and-mortar infrastructure. This doesn’t in any way suggest that they are not genuine.

All you have to do is careful research to know more about how genuine they are. You can get this information through the company’s reviews, what are people saying about the agency?

#3. Ask Necessary Questions

Asking questions puts you on the winning end, you’ll be sure you are making the right decisions. Once you reach out to your agent, ask as many questions as possible.

Ask for the tours you want, if it’s a day trip to Leavenworth from Seattle, ask about all it entails; cost, number of hours, activities, etc. For the cost, bear in mind that packaged tours may cost more. For instance, a Snoqualmie Falls and Wineries tour from Seattle may cost more than a Snoqualmie Falls tour from Seattle considering that the former involves two attractions.

#4. Compare Agencies

Comparing different tour and travel agencies is a necessity if you plan to get value for your money. Here, you compare everything; quality of service, available tour options, costs, etc.

Visit the different tour and travel agency websites in Seattle and get details, reading reviews will go a long way to help you.


Your choice of a tour and travel agent can directly impact your tour, whether or not you’ll have a pleasant experience. Hence, it becomes important to choose carefully. Whether on a day trip to Leavenworth from Seattle or any other trip, follow the guide to choose the best tour and travel agency in Seattle.

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