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How to Become a Car Designer?

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Cars are one of the essential and comfortable transport vehicles for individual use. With the change in the economic situation, the demand for cars is also rising at a high pace. Various cars are designed, developed and manufactured by numerous brands to carry out different functionalities. Although we give the whole credit to the car manufacturers behind the sleek, comfortable and efficient interior and exterior design of a car, there are hands of car designers who have researched and developed the best design possible for your car.

Car designers are professionals who create designs about the appearance of a vehicle’s interior, exterior, colour and trim. These designs help the car to get an attractive look and be comfortable as well as efficient for the purpose it has to serve. The car designers have to make a sketch of the car according to its use. They have to enrol in automotive design courses and learn all the important aspects of car design.       

Steps to becoming a Car Designer

  • Experience

  Experience matters most when you enrol on a new course. The first and foremost step to getting into a car designing course is preparation. This preparation includes interesting activities like observing various parts of different cars. Spending more time in the garage can provide you with an experience of the manufacturing and function of automobiles. 

  Some previous knowledge of cars can help you in your initial journey into car design.   

  • Obtain Bachelor’s degree

  The least education qualification to become a car designer is a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in automotive design, industrial design, industrial engineering and automotive engineering is required to become a car designer. The bachelor’s degree includes subjects like design research methods, design materials, computer science, electronics technology and physics.  

  Find a college which provides a bachelor’s degree in courses like automotive design, industrial design, industrial engineering and automotive engineering and get yourself enrolled. 

  • Obtain a master’s degree

  Although a bachelor’s degree is enough for applying for a car designer job for getting an opportunity in big brands or applying for a higher position, a master’s degree will be more suitable. A master’s degree in industrial design or engineering can help you in getting better job opportunities.

  • Apply for internships

  Internships are helpful in providing practical knowledge and field experience. Before your final semesters, try to apply for internships in some design firms. Some internships are paid, and some are even unpaid. But they all can give you numerous benefits for pursuing your career further. Internships on HEV can be beneficiary as they are current trends.   

  • Build your portfolio

  A portfolio is necessary to build for applying for jobs and internships. A good portfolio can reflect your achievements and skills. This makes the chances of hiring higher. You can add your best sketches based on the brands you are appearing for to create a better impact. You can also attach freelancer assignments to your portfolio. 

  • Join an automotive design group

Get yourself joined into a professional group of car designers so that you can get benefitted from the experience and ideas of other designers. This will make you align with the latest trends and design techniques.


Car designing is an important profession for the formation of new generation cars. Cars are designed according to the purpose it serves. A car can be designed to carry two persons or even eight or more. The designs are made to satisfy the needs of the customers and make the cars comfortable and efficient. Follow the article and go through the steps to become a car designer. 

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