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How Disability Discrimination Affects Individuals?

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Discrimination is a biased approach of people and groups based on other people’s characteristics. It is not only limited to disability but caste, gender, language, sexual orientation, race, and beliefs are incorporated in it. Disability discrimination is when you are treated less due to not being able to perform certain activities due to your disability or you look different compared to a normal individual. In this article, we will examine the adverse effects of discrimination and possible practices to deal with it. 

Fewer employment opportunities: 

It is estimated that the ratio of a disabled person being unemployed is somewhere around 40-50% in developed countries while in developing countries the ratio is much higher.

People who are disabled are facing many difficulties in finding their desired jobs. Many workplaces are not considered disabled people eligible for the potential member of their team. The majority of them have a perception that people with disabilities cannot perform any task and hiring them in our team will further enhance their expenses like transportation and pension cost. While some argue that disabled people are socially immature, lack relationship skills, and are unproductive. With lower employment opportunities the income level of a disabled person is also very low and they have to face poverty. You should also grow your personality. For this purpose, you should learn about cognitive behaviour therapy Cleveland.

Fewer Education opportunities: 

There are multiple acts all around the world that urge educational institutes to take effective steps to stop the discrimination against disabled persons. But records suggest that the gaps in the education level between disabled and the normal person are much higher. 

There are multiple barriers for a disabled person to get quality education we break down some of the reasons below: 

Insufficient funding: 

It is one of the top reasons behind the lack of education opportunities. There are very few financial accommodations for disabled people. Because the policies are budget-centric rather than serving the cause. The structure is so complex that in some sectors there is an eligibility issue and there are some restrictions.

Accessibility issue: 

The physical inability of students restricts them to educational assistance. There are issues like transportation that need to be resolved. On the other hand, the majority of the multi-story school buildings lack elevators. There are various other services that are still inaccessible for disabled students.


Disabled students often faced bullying in schools. It not only damages their confidence but also affects their mental health. Research shows that bullying can affect the learning ability of the child. It leads to a higher level of absentees, loss of interest, making it difficult for the student to concentrate on assigned tasks, and eventually, a number of students leave school. 

Psychological issues: 

Research suggests that the adult population with disability are suffering from mental distress 5 times more than the population without any disability. This is because disabled people are more vulnerable to discrimination. Constant discrimination and deprivation increase the risk of mental health issues. You should approach best psychiatrist near me for better treatment.

Wrapping Up

We have highlighted many points in this topic. Hope you have enjoyed and learned a lot from it. If you want to learn more you should keep visiting this website and bookmark for more updates and information.


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