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How Data Analysis Results Impact The Dissertation Conclusion

Data Analysis Results
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The purpose of Data Analysis Results in a study is to make an analysis of each question in the study. These results are necessary to state in some relevant statistical presentation. It helps make accurate and strong conclusions. The writer of the study must be aware of the key findings. It is not essential to discuss every detail in this section.

The conclusion chapter of any study is an essential part. It contains the most critical statements from the study. The conclusion section contains a summarised statement of the problem. It also contains brief Data Analysis Results. A  reader can develop an understanding of the challenges and solutions of the topic. The language of the data analysis, discussion, and conclusion sections must be plain. In order to help the reader to learn different vital aspects of the subject matter.

The analytical report was written in the discussion and result section to help interpret the data. It helps find the hurdles and barriers relating to the subject matter. It also leads the reader to understand the solutions. Awareness of solutions helps achieve better results and development. This analytical report consists of tables, charts, and graphs to present the data. It will help in generating results from the data interpretation section. These results are presented in statistics form. Using a statistical presentation style will help in effective discussion and analysis. As conclusion section comprises two major parts. One of them is a statement of the problem, and the other is an analysis to cope with the challenges.

Data Analysis Result Process

The process of data analysis result consists of different stages that include:

  • Analysing the data interpretation section of the study,
  • Collecting all the necessary information for the section,
  • Relating the information with the study’s subject matter, and
  • Making analysis according to the aims of the study.

Result Interpretation

Interpreting results starts with collecting all the questions mentioned in the study. The study can be qualitative data or a quantitative method. The writer uses statistical presentation in result interpretation. The statistical presentation in tables, graphs, and charts helps explain complex results. The writer must have complete knowledge of different sections of the study. These sections mainly include:

  • Research questions,
  • Hypothesis,
  • Survey analysis,
  • Data interpretation,
  • Findings, and;
  • Data analysis.

The writer can collect all the necessary questions to answer in the data analysis result section. These sections also help in taking guidelines about the problems and the solution. However, if you have any confusion related to these sections, you can get dissertation help online.

The data interpretation section relates the data collection with the literature review section. A study on a common topic is not necessarily concluded to a single conclusion. The literature review chapter is essential to determine the direction of the study. It is also studied with the hypothesis to set some study developments. The interpretation part of the study will either prove or disapprove of the null hypothesis.

Most researchers use the data analysis and data interpretation sections in different chapters. However, some studies use a single chapter to explain the Data Analysis Results. Some academic papers divide these chapters into two to five different main headings.

Impact of Data Analysis Results on Conclusions

The conclusion is a process that contains two steps mainly. These steps include analyzing and interpreting the hypothesis based on a literature review. The second step is to conclude a study based on research questions and data analysis and interpretation. The Data Analysis Results section is a key factor of the result section. It will help drive the general conclusion of the study. These brief conclusions are presented in bullet points. They are in sequential order, one after another.

The data analysis and interpretation section draw a general conclusion. Otherwise, the study will be incomplete. Therefore, the data analysis and interpretation sections are relevant to completing the study. In the absence of these factors, the study may not conclude effectively.


The analysis of the data and results in the study will be able to write and design the room to bring improvement and betterment to the subject matter of the study. As it is admitted truth that there is always room for development. The collection of research questions, hypotheses, literature review, conducting surveys, data interpretation and analysis, and study findings leads to gathering sufficient information and knowledge that the writer may suggest that may bring significant importance to the subject matter of the study.

The recommendations section is an essential part of analytical research work. The writer needs to ensure that the study contains data analysis, interpretation, statistical presentation, and the conclusion and recommendation section in the study. The purpose of any study on the selected subject matter is to bring some development. The writer pinpoints some questions to state the problem of the study. The research revolves around the pinpointed questions. However, the concluding sections help their readers to learn more about the topic. The ending helps the reader study the suggestions, conclusions, and recommendations to bring progress and development on the subject matter. If you feel stuck at any stage, you can hire the best dissertation writers.


The purpose of Data Analysis Results in a study is to make an analysis of each question in the study. There are different steps that a study should contain while writing the section on data analysis and interpretation. These steps include data interpretation, data collection, logical sequence of the study, and relevance of the data according to the study aims. The data analysis and interpretation section leads the writer to draw a general conclusion about the whole study.

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