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How CBD can help with pet anxiety.

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Pets are intelligent beings and capable of experiencing a broad range of complex emotions such as happiness, satisfaction, gratitude, etc. Just like us, cats or dogs feel anxiety, and it may present itself in many forms. Anxiety breeds other emotions like fear and can have significant impacts on your pet’s mental and physical health.

Cannabinoids like CBD have shown promise in treating anxiety and pain in pets. Anecdotal reports from pet owners suggest that buying CBD pet treats for cats and dogs can help with symptoms of anxiety.

Let’s take a look at pet anxiety and how CBD can help alleviate the condition.

Types of anxiety.

Separation anxiety: Separation is one of the most common causes of anxiety. It occurs when your pet feels abandoned or separated from a loved one. When left untreated, separation anxiety can drastically change how your pet behaves.

Environmental anxiety: This type of anxiety occurs when your pet gets nervous or fearful in an environment foreign to him or her.

Social anxiety: This happens when your pet gets nervous around other pets and strangers.

General anxiety: Your pet may be anxious without an observable cause. Most owners describe this as “emerging out of nowhere”.

Other causes: If your pet has gone through a traumatic experience in the past, he is more likely to develop anxiety. Some medical problems or medication can also lead to anxiety.

Signs of anxiety.

Pets communicate anxiety through their body language, look out for the following signs if you

suspect your dog or cat has anxiety.

Signs of anxiety in dogs

Common signs of anxiety in dogs include:

  • Barking when the owner isn’t around.

  • Pacing and panting

  • Cowering.

  • Self-harm.

  • Increased aggression.

  • Low appetite.

  • Urinating or defecating more often.

Signs of anxiety in cats.

Cats exhibit anxiety in the following ways;

  • Dilated pupils, folded ears.

  • Increased aggression.

  • Reduced appetite.

  • Frequent urination

  • Increase meowing.

How CBD helps with anxiety.

Cannabinoids like CBD and terpenes interact with the endocannabinoid system found in humans and animals. This system regulates bodily functions such as hunger, appetite, pain, mood, fertility, etc. One of the areas CBD shows great promise is in alleviating anxiety. Anecdotal data from countless pet owners suggest that CBD is effective in treating anxiety in cats and dogs. The calming and relaxing effects can kick within 20 – 45 minutes, depending on the mode of administration. Pet moms and dads also buy the best CBD pet treats to help with pain, appetite, seizures, and general wellness.

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