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Great Gifts to Give for Someone Starting a Business

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A good friend of yours has worked hard and just started a business. You know this is a memorable time in their life. You want to do something to show them you are proud of them. The following will share some ideas for gifts you could give to the new entrepreneur.

Gifts You Could Give a Friend Who Just Started a New Business

1. Bottle of wine

There are so many options for gifts to give a friend who has just started a new business that it may seem complicated to decide on the perfect one. One idea is a bottle of wine as this will show your friend how you believe in them and want to congratulate them on their success. The San Simeon Wines website says that wine is a “creative process” and describes what grapes, yeast, and barrels are. Wine is also said to be “artfully crafted,” so your friend will appreciate how much thought you put into choosing this gift for them.

2. Something from their childhood

Maybe your friend had a beautiful doll from when they were a little girl or even something from childhood that would be perfect for their new business. It could be a particular item you know your friend will love and will remind them of their youth.

3. Painting

Another idea is to give your friend artwork as this would be personal and something they will treasure. Painting is something they can hang in the office or at home to inspire them and make them look nicer. Find a unique piece that they will love.

4. Pilot pen

One gift you could give is a pilot pen, as this is something needed in any new business. A pilot pen helps write essential documents, send faxes and incoming phone messages, and sign important papers or letters. There are many different colors and designs to choose from! So it’s perfect for a friend who just started a new business.

5. Business cards

Business cards are essential for any new business as they help them get out and about networking with others in their industry. Any business website they have may even require them to have business cards. So this is perfect for a friend just starting their business.

6. Sales tool kit

Another idea would be to give your friend a sales tool kit. A sales tool kit can come in handy for your friend when they are starting, acting as an extra set of hands and helping them in business.

7. Personal power tools

If your friend just started their own business, they need to keep it running and doing the job. A personal power tools kit would be helpful for them as it can help them with any small maintenance in the office. A phone charger, a drill, an electric screwdriver, and more are great examples.

8. Personal office accessories

Another thing you could give your friend is a personal office accessory set to ensure they have everything they need for their day-to-day life at work. It could be a desk organizer or a computer mouse to keep their desk organized.

9. Something from their hometown

Maybe your friend has a beautiful souvenir from where they grew up. Perhaps they even have a gift from their hometown that they have kept, like photos or more items. This would be a thoughtful gift and will help your friend hold their old memories safe in the industry!

10. A helpful book

Another idea you could give your friend is a book which would be helpful to them as they start in business. A book like this could be an excellent guide for your friend and provide them with a few things they need at the start.

11. A laptop

Another idea you could give your friend is a laptop. They may even need a new laptop in the future, but this will ensure they have all the equipment they need and can help them with anything they may need to do in the future.

12. Something from their favorite store

If your friend loves going to their favorite store and browsing around, you could give them something. It doesn’t have to be something big, just a token of appreciation for them. A soft toy, a mug, or a bag will be the perfect gift if your friend likes to go shopping often.

There are so many options for gifts to give a friend who has just started a new business that it may seem complicated to decide on the perfect one. Just do a little thoughtful research and you will come up with the perfect gift.


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