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Getting a seismic assessment can be extremely useful to protect your property. Seismic assessments are necessary for a wide range of applications, including earthquake-prone buildings. Seismic assessments can also help you identify and mitigate property risks, such as loss of life, infrastructure, or inventory. These assessments are incredibly important because they can also affect cash flow and operations. Read on to learn more about seismic assessment in Christchurch.

A recent earthquake in Christchurch damaged buildings and infrastructure. Although power and water were quickly restored, most buildings were unscathed. However, some buildings, particularly those in the Central Business District, sustained severe damage. The un-braced parapets on a number of buildings collapsed, and inadequate connections between walls and roofs caused gable ends to collapse. Even an 80-story apartment building in Christchurch showed shear cracks between the windows. It also suffered damage to columns.

In addition to seismic assessment Christchurch the risk of earthquake damage, AIR also conducted several simulations for the event, using data about the epicenter location, depth, magnitude, and direction of rupture. Within 24 hours of the event, AIR released its estimated insured loss estimates, which ranged between NZD 2,700 million and NZD 6,000 million. During the aftermath, AIR collaborated with researchers in Christchurch to provide their clients with damage estimates and assessment tools.


The Building Act (2004) mandates local authorities to identify earthquake-prone buildings. This applies to new construction, as well as to alterations to existing buildings. However, it does not specifically consider repairing earthquake-damaged buildings. This means that if you’re planning to make any significant changes to a building, seismic assessment is an absolute necessity. The process can be confusing, but it’s important to know what you’re dealing with.

While a detailed in-situ inspection of the Cathedral building in Christchurch is important, it is also vital to know how well the structure can withstand seismic activity. In fact, the entire building needs to undergo an assessment for earthquake safety. Getting a professional assessment from an independent agency can help you decide whether you need to make renovations or rebuild the structure. If you want to learn more about seismic assessment in Christchurch, contact an engineer today!

The Christchurch earthquake affected a large number of homes and communities 50 km from the epicenter. Many coastal areas are built on wetlands and swamps that are prone to liquefaction. While liquefaction has long been recognized as a hazard in New Zealand, the earthquake uncovered a much wider area of vulnerability. Engineers noticed liquefaction damages in Halswell primary school, which is particularly susceptible to liquefaction.

The high demolition rate for relatively undamaged buildings in the Christchurch CBD highlighted a number of complex issues for building owners. While structural damage is a good indicator of seismic performance, other multifaceted factors play a role in the decision to rebuild or demolish a structure. To investigate the role of other factors in the decision-making process, Marquis et al. (2017) evaluated a subset of 15 buildings. They explored factors beyond structural damage and assessed whether the buildings were earthquake-prone.


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