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Find the lyrics of any song on these websites Has it ever happened to you that you have a song in your head and you don’t know what it is, so you look for the lyrics to remember its name and be able to listen to it. Or the other way around: you want to sing a song that you liked a lot years ago but you don’t remember the lyrics. In any case, there are many best lyrics website that allow us to find out what that song says that we like so much or what it is that we can’t get out of our heads.

A quick search on Google is enough to have the complete lyrics of a song, but there are some specialized song lyrics websites that should always be on hand if you want to find something totally reliable, either to answer your questions, to sing it or to use its phrases. photo captions on your social networks.

Music match

Musixmatch is probably the best and most recommended option for anyone looking for song lyrics. Because not only can you search for the lyrics but it syncs with most music services: Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, Apple Music, Google and even when you upload a song to Instagram and the lyrics appear in a story. Therefore, you have two options: search for the lyrics you want on the web page and consult it or synchronize Musixmatch with one of the services, such as Spotify.

If you install the Musixmatch Lyrics application

on your mobile phone or on your computer in its Windows version, we will see that they are automatically synchronized. All we have to do is play the song on Spotify and the music streaming program will automatically show us the lyrics thanks to its connection with Musixmatch. We will not have to search for the lyrics on Google or on any specific website because they will appear in real time. This is an extra advantage because it will help us learn other languages ​​by identifying the letter with the pronunciation at all times. is another of the most complete websites to search for song lyrics.

You can search by lyrics or by artist at the top of the screen, in the search engine. As in other cases, we can search for the word or phrase you want to find which song it belongs to. Of course, the longer the phrase, the more it will be adjusted since thousands and thousands of letters can appear with the same concept, word or phrase. You can also search by artist or by song or you can explore by genres, by styles, by hits.


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