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Five tips for managing a telework team of real estate agents

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Use technology to your advantage.

Communication, communication, communication.

Reiterate basic principles and objectives.

Don’t overlook the minor nuances.

Use this time to plan for the future.

During the coronavirus outbreak, real estate firms are swiftly learning about telework opportunities. We reveal the five secrets of managing a team of Real Estate Agents through telework: Click here to see luxury apartments in Lahore for rent.

Use technology to your advantage

Over the last decade, real estate firms have been engaged in a “technology struggle” to develop powerful proprietary technologies. Or put together the ideal toolchain to make those transitions easier and less messy for their agents and customers alike. Now is the time for leaders to leverage the proprietary technologies that are currently accessible to them.

It is vital to reiterate how to use the office communication platforms as well as all of the necessary tools for digital contract signatures, such as Firmafy or Docusign.

Although some brokers have created digital platforms for contract signing. Other than phone conversations and email, not all have established channels of communication in place. Real estate agents using telework are especially useful if they have agents or staff members that work mostly in the office. We recommend using Google Hangouts, Facebook Workplace, Zoom, or Uber Conference.

Although it may be tempting to employ every communication option available. It is critical to use only one or two that satisfy the needs of your office.

People connect via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Linked In, and email, and it is quite easy to become disoriented.

“You must be able to provide your employees with information on anything related to the real estate industry.” And everything company-related has a single location where they can go to understand what is going on.”

Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate some more.

Obtaining the proper technological tools is only part of the battle. The next and, without a question, most crucial stage is to raise the degree and frequency of communications with personnel and real estate agents who work from home.

We recommend that you hold 15-minute team meetings every day to keep everyone up to date on what is going on. Also, please add any pertinent facts about the company or the real estate industry.

Despite the fact that message platforms are quick and easy, you should not rely on them. Because situations necessitate a deeper degree of discourse that chats cannot provide.

“Encourage individuals to utilize more than instant messages. If there is a problem that needs to be clarified, pick up the phone.”

You can call using your cell phone or Google Hangouts.”

Although continuous communication is essential for a remote team’s success. Brokers must resist the urge to bombard their personnel and agents with phone calls and emails.

“As a Broker, you may experience some concern, wondering if this person is currently working. And then you start calling that person to confirm it.”

Reiterate basic principles and objectives

Focusing on business culture is critical for surviving difficult times and emergencies like the coronavirus.

“Everything we do in the organization revolves around our basic principles.”

Having strong fundamental principles that everyone understands is essential for developing trust, which is essential while working remotely.

You must have a sense of coherence that everyone must adhere to, and I have the impression that “These people rely on me, they are not in the same position, and they rely on me to complete my job.”

As a result, this is a positive psychological sensation of interdependence. Someone relies on me for their work, and I rely on them to get things done, so there must be a trust aspect even if I don’t see them.

In addition to studying the basic principles, as a Broker, you must be clear about the company’s daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

You must outline your expectations of your employees and agents and be willing to discuss them.

Don’t overlook the minor nuances.

“Don’t overlook the minor nuances; remember everyone.”

To create and maintain a personal relationship with your agents, add birthdays, work anniversaries, and other important dates to your calendar.

Take advantage of this opportunity to plan for the future.

This has the potential to alter how people work, how organizations think, and how organizations prepare for something like this. Today’s example is the coronavirus, but similar events may occur in the future. Brokers should use this circumstance to discover tools that should be added to the technology they already employ, as well as enhancements to their office and communications structure.

What would you take with you if you had to vanish from your physical job overnight? This isn’t something you can just turn on and have to happen. You must be deliberate.

Brokers, particularly independent brokers, must be prepared to invest the time and resources required to quickly transition to a remote work environment, whether due to an emergency or simply to fulfill the demands of a more open team to work from home.

Everyone must be prepared and have at least a plan in place, and this comes at a cost; everyone must have a containment strategy in place so that it does not take them a week, two, or three to figure out how to cope with this crisis.

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