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Features to Look for When Buying a Smell-Proof Bag

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Using a smell-proof weed bag is one of those decisions you will never regret making. They are discreet in hiding your weed and keeping unwanted attention at bay. While many weed users continue to opt for this option, they are still figuring out what constitutes the best smell proof bags.

High-quality marijuana is often identified by its potent smell, which is why a stash box for weed is also advisable. The latter and former are quite similar in many of their characteristics; however, they are used in weed storage.

Factors to Consider when buying a Smell-Proof Bag


You can either use disposable or reusable bags, although one costs significantly less than the other. Disposable may be cheaper; however, it doesn’t last long and is prone to breakage.

On the other hand, a reusable bag is bigger and more expensive; it is made of quality material designed to last for a while. Unlike disposable, which need to be tossed after about two uses, reuseable have a longer shelf life.


There are varieties of sizes so getting one depends solely on what you prefer. Some are portable and highly compact, meaning they come in compartments. This is particularly useful for arranging your smoking accessories.

They are available as cross bags, backpacks, office bags, and many other designs. So when selecting a bag, always note the size that fits your purpose and go for it.


Most smell proof bags are made from plastic, but that is the disposable option. Since they are designed to be discarded after one or two usages, they are made of cheaper materials. After all, they still do a good job keeping the odor within. However, since they are not designed for longer use, they easily break down.

Reuseable bags are made from complex materials. Some feature an activation charcoal that can attract and trap unwanted gases. Also, the exterior is made from nylon materials which prevent weed from coming in contact with the weed.


No matter the material used to make a smell proof bag, it is useless without a good closure system. Zippers are some of the best closure since it keeps everything tightly sealed.


Some factors should be considered when buying a smell-proof bag, but in the end, it all boils now to your need.

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