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Equipments Required To Open A Bubble Tea Business

Equipments Required To Open A Bubble Tea Business
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Bubble Tea Supplies and Bubble Tea Equipment (Boba Tea Equipment) such cups and straws, utensils, a bubble tea sealing machine, a bubble tea shaker machine, and a bubble tea fructose dispenser are necessary to open a boba tea shop. Depending on your store’s budget, you can either begin with personalised cups and every machine, or if money is tight, you can begin with clear cups and simply a sealer machine. Once your business starts to expand, you can eventually add customised cups and other equipment (such as a shaker and a fructose dispenser). While thinking of Start your Own Business these will help you a bit.

List of machines required for bubble tea business

  • Sealer Machines

One of the most recognisable bubble tea machines is the sealer machine. Your paper or plastic cup is given a plastic seal, which the consumer smashes open with their thick straw. This contributes to the experience of drinking bubble tea and makes it more enjoyable. Paper, PET, and PP cups can all be sealed by sealer machines. Just make sure to get a sealer machine and sealer film that are the proper sizes. For instance, you must need a 95mm Sealer Machine with PP sealer film for PP cups. While using a 98mm Universal Sealer Machine and PET sealer film is required for PET cups.

  • Shaker Machines

Using a shaker machine makes shaking bubble tea simple and enjoyable. The most well-liked model is the user-friendly SK300 tabletop device. All you have to do is plug it in, put your shaker cups inside, and hit the start button.

  • Bubble Tea Blenders

The usage of fructose dispensers helps maintain beverage quality constant and lowers labour expenditures. It will be difficult without a lot of practise to add the right amount of sugar (fructose) to your drinks. All you have to do to add the precise amount of sugar to your beverage using our automatic fructose dispenser is click a button.

  • Brewers of tea automatically

There are two standard methods for brewing tea. using the conventional technique, which entails manually adding tea leaves to boiling water in a teapot before filtering and placing the tea into a tea dispenser. Most of this labour will be done for you by automatic tea brewers. Three settings on the Bunn ITCB allow you to pre-set three different teas. This makes it simpler for your staff and helps to increase the uniformity and quality of the drinks.

  • Making Tapioca Pearls Automatically

You can either manufacture your own boba or get it from a source. You can make your own tastes and colours in addition to having the freshest boba in town if you have a tapioca pearl maker.

  • Tapioca Pearl Cookers on Autopilot

This device contains an easy-to-use nozzle for draining off all of your cooked boba when it has finished boiling the water and stirring the boba. By doing this, you may prevent your boba from burning or being stuck to the bottom like when cooking on a stove.

Bubble Tea Business Supplies 

  • Plastic Cups

The first choice for your cups is whether to use transparent cups or cups with personalised prints. However, if you’re just starting out, you can also use transparent cups until your brand is more established. The majority of store owners choose to utilise customised cups.

PP and PET are the two primary forms of plastic cups. PP cups have a 95mm diameter and are available in 12oz, 16oz, and 24oz sizes. Because they are constructed of a softer material than PET cups, they are frequently less expensive. PET cups typically have a 98mm diameter and hold 12oz, 16oz, or 24oz. They will cost extra because their material is more durable than PP cups. You can choose either clear (transparent) or personalised versions of both kinds of cups.

  • Sealing Film

When ordering bubble tea sealer film, it’s important to select the same material for the cup and the film. The cups will be guaranteed to close properly as a result. For instance, if the cups are constructed of PP, the sealer film must be as well. Custom sealer film MOQs, however custom print rolls often have identical prices per roll.

  • Fat Straws

A bubble tea establishment would be difficult to envision without any fat straws. These are recognisable and have come to represent sipping bubble tea.

  • Tea Shaker Cups for Boba

There are two primary categories of shaker cups: stainless steel or PC plastic. Typically, for two reasons, we advise selecting PC plastic ones. The first is that the plastic ones take heat better than the stainless steel ones do when you add hot water or tea to them. The second reason is that the plastic shaker cups are transparent, making it easier for you to see your components and help you add different substances and get the ratios correct.

  • Tea insulators that are insulated

Until the consumer is ready to order, the tea is held at a constant temperature in the tea dispenser. This is the most cost-effective way to serve tea, and the majority of insulated tea dispensers come in either 5L or 8L sizes. To make sure your tea is fresh, we suggest utilising 5L dispensers.

Hope you got an idea of supplies and machines while you start your bubble tea business which is the best side hustle business.

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