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Traditionally, organizations used email for solving queries and questions of customers. It was considered the most efficient communication, but as technology changed, email communication was replaced by support ticket management software. Wolken software lists down 6 reasons why support ticket management software is better than email communication for customer support.

All that is required of businesses is the creation of email accounts for communication and support inquiries while setting up a full support software is a different process. Six reasons why support ticket management software is better than using email communication:

  • Organization growth 

The number of customer service requests grows as the company grows, making it challenging to keep up with your inbox. Large numbers of emails can clog inboxes, making it more difficult for customer service representatives to respond to end-user demands. These issues may cause severe problems and allow client complaints to go through the cracks, undermining consumer faith in help desk service. Such issues can be tackled well through support ticket management software.

  • Time variations

Support ticket management software helps an organization respond to queries quickly and efficiently without any time lag. One question through the software flow is allocated to a single agent or is solved through automated messages. In the case of email communication, there might be a time lag, and there might be more than one person working on the same query, which reduces the efficiency.

  • Flexibility

Support ticket management software allows instantaneous reliance upon available support. It’s flexible to incorporate such a mechanism by integrating the software. There is a lack of flexibility in responding to customer inquiries through email communication. Customers want the same level of attention from the support personnel as they do from their contacts, and they rarely accept delays. Consumer support staff may use ticket tracking software to execute work remotely, allowing them to handle customer queries quickly.

  • Cost-effective

The technical staff is the organization’s most significant asset, yet somehow the time they squander takes the focus away from its efficiency. It is essential to have a Support ticket management software solution within your organization’s budget. A large percentage of help desk solutions also include an email conversion tool that is simple and accessible. Ticketing software tailored to your needs is far more helpful than an email communication tool.

  • Collaboration and cooperation 

Administrators will be able to see the status of numerous issues and myriad problems, what needs to be done, and who worked on them, owing to ticket management systems. Furthermore, it promotes cooperation and encourages collaboration, which means that numerous individuals may work on the same problem simultaneously and keep track of their progress in the same area.

  • Information

In support of ticket management software, information is stored in a central panel that allows instantaneous replies if the query is mundane. An email has the potential to confuse people with too much information. Some messages may be ignored or discarded, mainly if many of them arrive and the network does not have an email alert system linked with the PCs at work.

The support agents and staff functioning on the front lines may be accustomed to providing high-quality, elevated, prompt, and timely customer service. While email communication can be challenging to handle, Wolken software believes investing in an intelligent Support ticket management software can save a lot of stress and help you get closer to the high standards of excellent customer service and overall effectiveness that an organization strives for.


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