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Dr. Curtis Cripe- Understanding the Future of Bio-Engineering

In: Health

The term bioengineering has many meanings, and they differ as per their area of application. Professionals in the field can be developing technologies for companies dealing with biotech, designing apps for personal health, or building devices to diagnose treatments at research centers, hospitals, and clinics. The apps that are made have sensors that are non-intrusive for measuring biological data without the need to come in contact with the smartphone user.

Dr. Curtis Cripe speaks on the future of bio-engineering development

Dr. Curtis Cripe is the CEO and the Founder of the NTL Group Inc, located in Scottsdale in the USA. Before this, he established and looked after The Crossroads Institute, where clinical specialists in seven states optimized patented approaches to neurodevelopment for assisting patients to overcome issues like addiction and anxiety or simply boost their cognitive or intellectual abilities.

According to him, the future of this field is bright, and it can go in different directions; however, one is most likely to focus on personalized interventions and predictive diagnostics for a wide variety of diseases. For instance, existing diagnostic tests deploy blood samples to measure three different kinds of biomarkers for colon cancer or cardiac risk. The analysis of the DNA can be deployed for pinpointing specific variants in the genetics of the person associated with any disease and many conditions that tell you whether someone has ADHD or Alzheimer’s Disease. Now, the question is, how helpful are these measurement types when there is no accompanying option for therapy that addresses this cause?

How can bio-engineers resolve the problem? 

The above approach requires creative thinking from bioengineers that help doctors and their patients get better results from a single diagnosis. The above technologies depend on how the brain functions, and this is why more specialists in this field were included in President Obama’s BRAIN Initiative. People know there are several parts to the puzzle of the brain and how it works. However, there are still many more functions for you to see the big picture.

There are some key questions to ask, like what problems exist and what are the gaps that exist? In this way, efforts can be made to fill those needs with innovative solutions that sync in with human needs. This approach helps one develop technologies that offer immediate value as they can resolve unmet challenges or opportunities of the past for enhancing the quality of life. This makes the engineering project attractive to future clients, customers, and investors.

According to Dr. Curtis Cripe, The National Science Foundation has a unique slogan that he thinks about daily. It is about ideas worth spreading- this is what the domain of bioengineering is about. It aims to solve the problems of the present moment by innovating the technology of tomorrow. He is excited to work in this field as there are several potential opportunities, and everyone can positively impact people’s lives. Bio-engineers are the future of the developing world.

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