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Advantages of distance BCA and MA English course

Typically, in the modern world, technology has become so much advanced. Modern technologies are used for complex apps, websites, and other software as well. Many individualsrequirea better education to learn the skills needed to create and use these technologies and the best way to get them is through a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) course full-time or distance BCA course. This degree program is a 3-year undergraduate course. Every year thousands of people go for this course because this degree course is related to computer science therefore, they give lots of knowledge regarding this field, so visit our educational website and get admission to the distance BCA course. Usually, this course deals with concepts such as (artificial intelligence), software, programming languages, web development, graphic designing, etc, and everything related to computer applications.

BCA Eligibility

  • Students must have at least 60% aggregate in 10+2 in any stream to appear in entrance tests, but this does not apply to all universities. Some educational platforms don’t require an entrance exam. Therefore, check the educational website’s requirements before applying.
  • Learners can also enroll themselves in the distance BCA course for those who desire to complete BCA with their full-time work.
  • The program is divided into 6 semesters, where unfamiliar concepts and technologies are taught both practically and theoretically.

Career scope –

There is a vital scope of jobs and careers for the graduates of BCA. The IT industry is advancing every day, and it is one of the biggest industries in the world. Many institutions like LPU have great placement centers that help candidates land jobs in MNCs. Some jobs are as follows- System Engineer., Software Tester, Junior Programmer, Web Developer, System Administrator, Software Developer, etc.

Now, you know everything about the distance BCA course. It is cheap, saves time, and offers value.

Overview of LPU distance education MA English syllabus

LPU distance education MA English syllabus is a 2-year post-graduation program in English literature which is a mixture of modern and ancient literature. Usually, it focuses on the three main aspects of English literature namely drama, prose, and poetry. LPU distance education MA English syllabus also includes cultural, political, social, and historical contexts of English literature studied at an advanced level. Applicants who have pursued a BA in English usually opt for this program to focus deeper on the study of English literature.

LPU distance education MA English syllabus: – Elective subjectswhile the basic subjects falling under the MA English syllabus remain the same for every candidate, the elective subjects keep on changing according to the applicants. Many universities provide an array of papers to choose from, some of them are given below: –

  • The Structure of Modern English
  • English Fiction
  • Indian Verses
  • English Language and Literature Teaching
  • The Structure of Modern English
  • English Fiction
  • Traditional English Drama
  • Modern English Drama
  • Research Methodology
  • English Poetry
  • Indian Prose Works
  • Literary Theory and Criticism

Now all you know about distance education programs like distance BCA course, LPU distance education MA English syllabus program, as well as know all the benefits offered by them. So, enroll today and enjoy all the advantages mentioned above. for more detail :

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