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Diagnosis And Treatment For Perforated Nasal Septum

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The septum is the central area of the nose which separates the two nasal cavities. The presence of the septum helps regulate airflow through the nose. 

If the septum is damaged then various issues can occur. 

A nasal septum perforation is a condition where a hole develops in the septum. The perforation can be due to a variety of reasons as listed below:

  • Nasal drug use, such as using cocaine
  • Certain infections
  • Nose picking
  • Injuries to the nose
  • Previous nasal surgery
  • Autoimmune disorders where the body’s immune system starts to attack itself such as Wegener granulomatosis (GPA)

Problems a perforated nasal septum can cause 

This can include:

  • Difficulty breathing 
  • A ‘whistling’ sound when breathing through the nose
  • Nose bleeds and crusting
  • Nasal deformity or a collapse of part of the nose

How to diagnose a perforated nasal septum?

If you experience any above symptoms, you should consult with your doctor. Your doctor will:

  • Ask you questions about your symptoms, medical and surgical history.
  • Examine the outside of your nose.
  • Examine the inside of your nose using procedures like nasal endoscopy or palpation of the septum.
  • Conduct laboratory testing, especially if the medical cause is suspected.
  • Consider a biopsy of the septum.

Procedure for perforated nasal septum

When the symptoms of septal perforation, such as bleeding, crusting, blockage, whistling, or nasal collapse are not responding to simple treatments, you should ask your doctor for treatment of septal perforation.

The goal of nasal septum perforation treatment is to reduce the symptoms that result from dryness and blockage. Therefore, management of symptom procedures is designed to increase humidification of the passing nasal air and prevent scabbing, airway obstruction, bleeding, and nasal crusting.

You can apply some ointments to the nostrils to prevent tissue drying. Also, nasal irrigation can help wash away crusting and prevent the buildup of scabs. It is vital that patients avoid picking the nose.

However, such measures although designed to address the symptoms, not to correct the perforation itself. Also the symptoms may not respond to the treatment. If a patient experiences persistent problems, they can opt for other treatments which includes surgical options. Surgical options (formal surgical repair) can have a variable success rate so it is important to get treatment from 

 Depending on the exact location of the perforation and its size, there are various options available for repair:

 Septal Button: In this type of repair, the surgeon will place a silicone plug in the hole. The most modern type of button utilises a magnet to hold the button in place. This may require the patient to visit the doctor every 3-6 months to have the button changed.  

 Local Flap: Local flaps are a good option for smaller perforations. In this procedure, the surgeon will use the neighbouring tissue in the perforation region to cover the hole.

Reconstruction using distant tissue: This is an excellent option for septal perforation repair. Rhinoplasty LDN specialise in this type of repair and receive referrals from around London. This procedure usually involves transferring tissue from under the skin on the side of the head to the perforation. 

Septal perforation repair is definitely possible and can be highly successful at treating the symptoms related to having a hole in the septum. 


A nasal septal perforation is a hole through the nasal septum. It can result in nasal collapse, bleeding, crusting, whistling and nasal obstruction. However, various home remedies like vaseline and antibacterial ointments can help you prevent dryness of the nose tissue. In addition, there are various procedures discussed above for the treatment of septal perforation.

If you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, you should consult with the experts of Rhinoplasty LDN. They have dedicated and skilled surgeons and staff who will help you in nasal septum perforation treatment and provide you with highly personalised care.

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