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Custom Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes
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There are many reasons to choose custom-printed boxes. They can show creativity and add impact to your shipment. Whether you’re launching a new candle or a pillow, a customized box is an excellent way to catch a consumer’s eye. A box can even include a secret scent! Use custom-printed boxes to capture the household market. And when it comes to Christmas and Easter, why not consider a custom box for your product?


Durable custom corrugated boxes provide superior protection for fragile goods. These boxes are lightweight, shock-proof, and can be customized to fit any style or size. Branding is a great way to distinguish your business. You can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, and printing options to enhance your custom corrugated boxes. Aside from that, custom corrugated boxes are also easy to handle and stack. And, they are perfect for promoting your business logo.

Custom corrugated boxes not only protect fragile contents during transportation, they also offer a great branding opportunity. Stylish shipping boxes build anticipation for your product, and premium materials re-affirm your customers’ purchase. Cheapest Custom Mailer Boxes are perfect for managing the edge between products. They can be ordered with NextDayFlyers for easy shipping. You can find all the information you need right here. Just input your specifications and the 3D design studio will do the rest!


You can purchase custom corrugated boxes in many shapes and sizes. These boxes are ideal for shipping fragile items, such as electronics. Corrugated boxes are made with three layers of thick paperboard to provide superior protection. They are also soft to produce, making them perfect for a variety of applications. Custom corrugated boxes can be customized to include your company logo or a website address. The possibilities for customization are endless.

Corrugated boxes can accommodate a wide variety of items, making them an eco-friendly choice. They also increase the simplicity of packaging your goods, while being made from 100% recyclable materials. They are also more affordable to ship and can be used to protect many items from damage during transit. A lightweight box can save you money and reduce your shipping costs. The following are some advantages of using custom corrugated boxes for packaging.

Corrugated Boxes


While rigid boxes are sturdy, they can be costly to ship and assemble. Folding boxes, on the other hand, are more cost-effective but not as sturdy. Folding boxes ship flat and need to be assembled. Corrugated boxes are a good option for shipping products because they are relatively affordable and can be made to fit your specific product size. Unlike folding boxes, you can choose to include a satin ribbon closure for added style.

If you’re looking for affordable custom corrugated boxes, consider ordering from a company like Packaging Design Corporation. We partner with professional printers to produce high-quality boxes for your business. Whether you’re looking for custom shipping boxes, retail display stands, or product packaging, our affordable custom corrugated boxes are an excellent choice. You’ll have the flexibility to add a personal touch to every order and enjoy lower prices on your custom packaging.


Unlike standard cardboard boxes, waterproof custom corrugated boxes have extra layers of strength and durability. Made of two outer sheets and a wave-like sheet between, these boxes are more durable and provide a better fit for fragile items. While standard white is a smooth finish, premium white features a glossy finish for a more upscale look. There are also brown boxes that feature a more rustic look with partially recycled materials.

The material used to make these custom corrugated boxes is surprisingly versatile. Because it is made of three layers – fluting medium between two paper liners – they are sturdy, lightweight, and resistant to shock, temperature changes, moisture, and impact. However, because of their lighter weight, these boxes must be paired with bubble wrap for extra protection. Waterproof custom corrugated boxes are also ideal for storing sensitive items.


When you use Eco-friendly custom corrugated boxes, you’re doing your part to make our planet better. Corrugated boxes are made from recycled paper and wood pulp, and decomposing them requires just a mild outdoor environment and the typical bacteria found outdoors. Once decomposing, these boxes can be reused for other packaging purposes or discarded. That means you can feel good about your purchase and still do your part to protect our planet.

Cardboard is easy to recycle, and many of the basic corrugated boxes that we use today are made with recycled materials. Even better, most advanced countries have achieved recycling rates of up to 90% for their paper and cardboard packaging. By recycling your boxes, you’re not only helping the environment, you’re also saving energy and reducing transportation costs. If you’re in need of custom corrugated boxes, check out Eco Enclose for a selection of recycled cardboard.

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