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Custom Build Smokers And Grills: 4 Unique Types For The BBQ Lover In You

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Do you love BBQ? Who doesn’t? All of you love spending time outdoors cooking up delicious food for your friends and family. And if you’re looking to take your BBQ game to the next level, you need to check out custom-built smokers and grills.

This article will look at four unique types of smokers and grills that are perfect for the BBQ lover in you. 

1) Cast Iron Griddle

If you’re looking for a durable, long-lasting grill that can handle any cooking challenge you throw its way, then consider a cast iron griddle. Cast iron is an excellent material for griddles because it heats evenly and retains heat well, so your food will always be cooked perfectly.

There are many different cast iron custom-build smokers in Arkansas on the market. Some of them are:

-Flat top griddles: These are the most popular type of cast iron grills. They have a flat surface perfect for cooking burgers, steaks, chicken, and vegetables.

-Ribbed griddles: These griddles have raised ridges on the surface. It helps to prevent sticking and makes it easy to cook evenly.

Round grills are perfect for cooking pancakes, eggs, and other breakfast foods.

2) Kamado Grill

Kamado grills are a type of ceramic grill that originated in Japan. They are designed to be used as both a grill and an oven, perfect for cooking significant cuts of meat or baking pizzas.

Kamado grills are made from high-quality ceramic materials that are durable and long-lasting. They are also excellent at retaining heat, making them great for slow cooking.

Kamado grills come in various sizes and features, but all Kamado grills share some key characteristics. They have a dome-shaped lid designed to trap heat and moisture inside the grill and a ceramic body that helps to radiate heat evenly.

3) Charcoal or Wood Chunk Grills

If you love that smoky flavor that can only come from cooking with charcoal or wood, one of these custom-built grills and smokers in Arkansas is perfect for you. You can get an excellent sear on your food while still infusing it with that authentic BBQ flavor.

These grills are also perfect for those who love to experiment with different woods and charcoal blends. You can get creative and tailor the flavor of your food to your liking.

4) BBQ Pit Smoker On A Trailer

If you are someone who likes to take your show on the road, then this is the smoker for you. This BBQ pit smoker comes on a trailer, so you can easily tow it behind your vehicle to your next destination.

The best thing about the smoker is that it is very versatile. You can use it as a grill, a smoker, or even a convection oven. It makes it perfect for cooking significant cuts of meat or even whole turkeys.

Another unique feature of this smoker is the fact that it has two doors. It makes it easy to access the inside of the smoker without having to open the entire door and let all the heat escape.

If you are looking for a unique and versatile BBQ pit smoker, this is for you. 


Grills and smokers are the perfect addition to any backyard. They provide delicious food and endless entertainment. There are many different types of grills and smokers on the market to find the perfect one based on your needs.

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