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Could Commercial Property Finance Help You?

commercial property finance
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Commercial property mortgages are associated with investing in commercial property, and these mortgages are widely used in business development. Commercial property mortgages are designed to finance the purchase or improvement of commercial properties and are used to achieve applicants’ business goals.

Lenders look at applicants’ businesses, accounts, and earnings forecasts to ensure the business owners can repay the mortgage and then set interest rates according to the level of risk. The lenders will consider valuation, required documents and collection of legal fees for granting these mortgages.

Commercial property mortgages come in many forms, such as buying an office building for a business, expanding or relocating a store space, buying a warehouse to store inventory, and buying, building, or renovating hotels.

What are the different types of commercial property finance?

There are many types of commercial property finance, and sometimes it can be challenging for borrowers to figure out what works for them. Here are some examples of different commercial, financial products available in the market.

Commercial mortgages

The lenders usually offer commercial mortgages for various businesses, from sole traders to limited companies. These mortgages are usually used to provide the initial capital needed, the business profitability and the borrower’s ability to repay the monthly instalments.

Bridging Finance

Bridging financing is a short-term financing solution commonly used by an experienced property developer and investor, which provides a quick way to finance a property purchase.

Auction financing

Auction Finance is a way to budget before the auction. This method of financing can help applicants know how much they can bid for a particular property.

What are the characteristics of commercial property finance?

Commercial property mortgages have very different conditions for collateral and underwriting and rates and repayment terms. Compared to personal mortgages, commercial property mortgages do not allow securities to be secured, so lenders usually have to keep many of these mortgages after they are issued.

As a result, lenders are far more risk-averse regarding commercial mortgages. In this case, the minimum credit points and deposits are also higher. In many cases, insurance companies will not cover these mortgages repayments, so the requirements for borrowers’ income and interest rates will usually be stricter. However, these mortgages have several benefits for business owners, including:

Many options are available to applicants.

Commercial property mortgages come in many forms and options. This scope includes repayment terms, interest rates, and various instalment payment schedules tailored to the applicants’ business plan and budget.

The repayment terms of these mortgages are flexible.

Lenders typically offer flexible terms for repaying commercial property mortgage instalments. Equity Borrowers can choose the option they want according to their budget and business flow. This feature is very useful for borrowers who do not have a continuous and monthly source of income and reduces the risk of mortgage non-timely repayment for lenders.

These mortgages are usually subject to tax exemptions.

Borrowers can benefit from property tax exemptions. Tax breaks are an important advantage of commercial property mortgages over personal mortgages. In cases where the mortgage amount is very high, these exemptions can be a good incentive for business owners to receive these mortgages.

But commercial property mortgages also bring problems and challenges for borrowers. Eligibility for these mortgages is usually difficult, and borrowers will spend considerable time approving them. Also, due to economic fluctuations, from the lenders’ point of view, these mortgages carry many risks for them. Therefore, to have the best rates, the applicants must have excellent credit.

What are the benefits of financing a commercial property?

As businesses grow, they will eventually need to finance their business assets, sell more, hire more employees, purchase bulk equipment, or have more workspace. Commercial mortgages help business owners purchase or renovate commercial property such as hotels, flat buildings, office buildings, shopping malls and retailers, restaurants, and industrial buildings. However, these mortgages have many benefits for borrowers. Here are some of the benefits of commercial mortgages:

Better than traditional commercial mortgages

Having a commercial property means that business owners will have valuable assets and can even get a mortgage for their next project. A valuable commercial asset means that applicants can borrow more without divesting a portion of their business stock. This allows business owners to trade for a long time. In addition, commercial property mortgages are more favourable in terms of interest rates than other types of commercial mortgages, such as unsecured commercial mortgages. You can invest your fund in amc stocktwits to get profit


Avoid wasting money on rent.

Renting a property is a waste of business capital. Because the equivalent of the rent can be repaid as a mortgage, and you will own the property. Commercial financing is suitable for many situations, especially startups. However, buying the commercial property also creates many opportunities for traders.

Achieve more control

Taking out a commercial mortgage to buy your commercial property can give business owners more control over the building and its use. Using commercial property mortgages can make borrowers more financially stable.

Commercial mortgages are cheap (but have significant capital gains)

Commercial property prices have plummeted due to the Covid epidemic. This means that commercial property and mortgages are now cheap. However, with the reduction of health protocols and restrictions and the reopening of businesses, commercial property prices are expected to rise again. Receiving a commercial property mortgage will now bring significant capital gains to applicants in the coming years.

How can a financial broker help applicants with commercial property mortgages?

Commercial property financing solutions involve high costs and risks. Therefore, having an expert advisor is crucial to get the guidance needed to reduce applicants’ costs.

A broker specialising in commercial property mortgages can help applicants obtain mortgages at reasonable rates and with acceptable requirements. Experienced broker reviews and evaluates all the lenders required documents before submitting a mortgage application to applicants. The broker can negotiate with various lenders from the borrowers’ side.

Over the years, SWG Mortgage advisors in commercial property mortgages have established strong relationships with key lenders and are well acquainted with the criteria and options of each lender. They facilitate getting a mortgage according to your needs and budget needs. Today you can talk to SWG Mortgage specialist advisors and benefit from the outstanding consulting services of our business company.

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