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Child with Special Need: Frequently Asked Questions - To Duhs
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Child with Special Need: Frequently Asked Questions

Child with Special Need: Frequently Asked Questions
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Children with special needs are those who have developmental delays on a wide spectrum of severity and require exceptional care and support. The particular needs of these children depend on the nature of their disability.

If you are the parents or caregiver of a child with special needs, you might be frequently troubled with many questions about the disorder.

Here are a few essential questions to guide you in the right direction.

What is the most effective therapy for autism?

ABM is one of the most effective interventional methods for autism in California. This brain based approach focuses on connecting with the child and helping the child’s brain to function better. As a consequence, children with autism improve quickly. They become less irritable, tantrums subside, they sleep better, and transition much easier. Self-soothing and compulsive behaviours decrease. They begin to connect with family members, make eye contact and sometimes even demonstrate empathy. These changes can be observed to varying degrees within weeks of intensive ABM Neuro Movement therapy.

How much time is needed for the Treatment of Autism?

This depends entirely on the severity of the condition. Here it is important to mention that many children who have developmental delays without a known cause are being diagnosed with autism, simply so they can qualify for therapy. The children in this category usually only need 1-2 weeks of initial intensive ABM Neuro Movement therapy. Thereafter, they receive six to eight 45-minute long sessions every 2-3 weeks, and later once per month.

Autism manifests on a wide spectrum of symptoms and severity. Regardless of the severity, with ABM NeuroMovement noticeable changes usually occur already within the first week of daily two 45-minute long sessions.
Depending on the severity of symptoms, children receive 1-2 sessions daily every other week.
The frequency often decreases after the first month. Sometimes it can take 2-3 months, after which the child often needs only 6-12 sessions monthly. In addition the parents receive coaching to learn how to properly interact with the autistic child in a loving and supportive way that effectively activates their child’s brain to better self-organize.

What challenges do people with autism experience

People with autism often experience sensory overload which can cause high anxiety. That in return expresses as aggressive or avoidance behaviour. People with autism get hyper focused, meaning they become totally fixated on an object or activity. At a young age this manifests as highly compulsive behaviour that is often very difficult for family members to deal with. Autistic children are unable to read social cues, which makes it very difficult for them to form relationships with others. They have great difficulty adapting to changes, that’s why their wellbeing depends on balanced daily routines.

Can treatment Is there a for cure autism?

There is no definite cure for Autism Spectrum Disorder, but experts agree that intensive therapy for autistic children is the best way to manage symptoms and develop independence skills with Neuro Movement therapy. It is important to remember that Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex condition that can have many different expressions.

What are the three main symptoms of autism?

The following symptoms of autism:

• Impaired communication
• Social awkwardness. The child does not engage with close family members.
• Stereotyped patterns of behaviours or interests.

What if autism is left untreated?

Without proper support, children may not develop social skills, and speak and act in socially unaccepted ways that create problems for them. Few people outgrow autism without intervention.

What you need to know when caring for an autistic child ?

Caring for a child on the spectrum is complex and stressful and can be very disruptive to family life.. Parents and caregivers often experience mental-emotional distress that can lead to anxiety and depression, insomnia, and other mental or physical health problems. It is important that you seek professional help early on to receive the necessary support for your child and yourself.
Neuro Movement therapy in Oakland, California provides high quality coaching for parents and caregivers.

What are the most common treatment strategies to help Cerebral Palsy?

Various therapies play an essential role in the treatment of cerebral palsy.

Usually a child with CP receives at least once per week

• Targets developmental milestones, muscles stretching, joint mobilization, strength and balance exercises. Prescribes devices, such as AFO’s, standers, wheelchairs
• Occupational therapy: target fine motor development and eating skills
• Speech therapy: works on pre-vocal, vocal, and linguistic skills, installation and training with Augmented Communication devices.
• Recreational therapy, such as adapted swimming and horseback riding

Can people with cerebral palsy walk?

Yes, many children with CP who receive ABM Neuro Movement therapy for children learn to walk! More than half of people with cerebral palsy can walk without mobility aids such as crutches. Cerebral Palsy varies from person to person and affects mostly the trunk and extremities. In some people the upper extremities are more affected, in others it is the lower extremities.
With some children it can take years before they learn to walk. So it is important to be patient and provide them with the best therapy that can help them learn to walk.

Does Cerebral Palsy Affect Memory?

Depending on the degree and type of brain damage the child suffered, memory problems can occur, such as a difficulty to form memories due to cortical vision impairment and/ or hearing impairment, and the loss of short-term memories due to seizures.

Is cerebral palsy mental or physical?

Cerebral palsy is a physical disability caused by a prenatal or peri natal injury to the brain due to lack of oxygen or bleeding in the brain It affects a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. Sometimes cognitive functions are also impaired.

How does cerebral palsy affect social, emotional development and behaviour?

Children with cerebral palsy are at increased risk of developing emotional and mental health problems. Treatment cerebral palsy includes mental health assessment and treatment.

What are the long-term effects of cerebral palsy?

Depending on the severity of the condition, cerebral palsy can lead to seizure disorders, intellectual disability, and obesity if the child is unable to move freely. If treatment starts right away and the child’s condition is well managed, there is a great chance that the child’s abilities improved.

How do you care for a child with cerebral palsy?

• Become your child’s best advocate, coach and cheerleader at home.
• Help them become active.
• Love them the way they are and meet them where they are
• Provide them with highly nutritious food
• Keep a bright outlook. Your child’s brain can heal and change
• Take time to build your team of experienced, open-minded, and inspiring professionals, who understand brain plasticity and the brain’s ability to heal and develop.
• Join groups of other special needs parents to find resources as well as emotional support and inspiration. For know more information about Child with Special Need visit our website.

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